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legends of eisenwald game free download
Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure with RPG elements and tactical battles. The game spurs from Eastern Europe, the story is turned to German medieval countries. The game resides in its own interesting environment, which most resembles a realistic middle age, which are some of the typical prejudices from that period, though true.

Gameplay is happening around the family of Von Lahnstein whose heir (your character) has long been away from home. When you come back from an adventure across the surrounding country, you find that your father’s vows have canceled obedience and that political planning of the region is changing. It is up to you to discover what has happened and to re-establish power over your possessions.
legends of eisenwald download pc game
The basic contact with the Legends of Eisenwaldom is, as in King’s Bounty, through a great strategic map of the world, in which your character and his associates, as well as NPC peasants, knights or bandits, move in real time. When you start a battle with a hostile group you all move to a tactical battlefield, subdivided into hexes, to your comrades to steal forces with opponents in the tug of war.

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Eisenwald with her approach remembers the most disciple of the Disciples series where they lead a small group of individuals. The great part of the atmosphere of Eisenwalda relies on the fact that you lead a group of adventurers. Neither your character, nor your family, you can have eleven members who are divided into three groups. In the first place are classic peacocks who are chasing their chests, in the other spheres and in the third support in the form of priests or vices who will intensify and cure the members involved in the direct struggle.
legends of eisenwald game download free
At the beginning of the game, choose who is your predecessor of the Von Lahnstein countries. At first, the knight, who is a classic armored meleer, is a baroness, and a mystic scholar is equipped with what goes on in Eisenwalda as a magic. Each character, whether it be your alter ego or some of your companions, gains experience and can advance in five steps, with one bet between the second and third tiers.

Improving your character is, however, more detailed thanks to the choice of skills that are achieved with each level. Also, each character has recognizable slots for weapons, armor, and ancillary equipment. Battles have their own simple set of rules that open interesting tactical options. Redesigned bike activity sets an initiative that affects the skill of your hero, as well as the equipment of your company (the harder armor of the initiative is smaller).
legends of eisenwald full game download for free
Each unit can move as many hexes as you want, but you always have to attack the closest available enemy. In this way, the defenseless strings and support are protected behind the frontal armored ledge, and successful tactics are generally reduced to the opening of the opposing ankle so that you can quickly stop the balloons and strels.

The fact that each unit is not a nameless member of a large army, but the character with whom you have been trained and promoted through numerous battles additionally links you to your company. Luckily, the death of an individual in Eisenwalda is not permanent until one survives the battle and reaches some of the locations on the map where you can cure the members of the company.

Unions that you regret are part of those who join you from loyalty and to mercenaries who demand that they give them a certain amount of gold every day. Since the number of loyal followers is directly dependent on the strength of your kingdom, successful mercury is a necessity for mercenaries. The folder contains a number of locations where you can recruit new members, purchase equipment, and talk to local people of all ages in order to gather information or perform the tasks necessary to achieve your primary goal.

The Legends of Eisenwald is not an adventure in a narrow sense, but it’s more than rich in action, crafts, rumors, backdrops and legends. If you like new games from the King’s Bounty series, then you simply must not miss Legends of Eisenwald.

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