Life is Strange Episode 1 Chrysalis Review

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Life is Strange is designed as a standard, five-piece adventure, the mode of play and the mechanics of the aforementioned patterns, but also brings some welcome and interesting novelties that play a less than a gaming experience.

The first episode brings a few actions and actions that need to be resolved by rewinding the time for further play, as well as a stinging encounter with people with whom you will build initial, fragile relationships that will, of course, deeper develop and overcome in future episodes.
The gun is in the head
The game revolves around the late jaded teenagers from the average American province, their unwillingness to catch up with the big, evil saint who had been waiting for them after the mature and disregarded generations. Fortunately, the mentioned refreshment comes in the form of supernatural moments in the game, which bring some conventions already seen in the games, but implemented in an interesting way.

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The main character of the game is the devotee Maksin, who, from the seemingly colorful nightmare in which the junx tornado has gone down its village, is stuck in the lecture, uncertain whether all this really was a dream. Confirmation that there is not a very clean job is coming to the school toilet soon, when Maksin suddenly begins to show inexplicable power to change the time and manipulate important events.
Talk to a friend
Unsatisfied and lonely, but so intolerably special, the heroine is an ideal candidate whose attitudes and opinions from the moment will be put to the test when the story is added and the powers become stronger and more pronounced.
Playing with time, rewinding and selecting different actions and actions are fruitful for different creative problems and situations. This does not imply the full freedom of your time-rewind capability, but is dosed to a scoop at strictly predefined moments.

In addition to concrete procedures that allow you to make further progress, or some of the divine interventions that you are going through the course of events, the mechanics of time manipulation are much more pronounced during dialogs with many characters. The initial choice of different answers during the conversation creates classic Telltale moments, where characters will remember what you have told them, and later, at some point, pull back certain consequences.
picklock the door
Life is Strange here shuts you with the ability to return the stream of dialogue to the starting point, and choose alternate options and reactions! You can also use the retrieval dialog to get specific information from certain people, and then, with that knowledge, return to the past and access the interaction that will take place in a completely different way.

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Individual decisions at the start represent a distinction between minor evils because both raids have potential negative consequences, while some seemingly positive choices can unexpectedly end up with an unwanted outcome. An intriguingly modeled gaming model in theory offers enormous potential for complex and multilayered solutions to various problems as well as creating relationships between characters and different consequences due to different decisions.

Life is Strange has started a good first chapter, the graphics are nice, colorful and detailed. Voice acting is great and the music compositions are adequate, the whole experience is positive, so we recommend everyone to see for themselves how good this title is.

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