Magicka 2 Download for Mac, PC or PS4

for pc, mac and playstation 4
Magicka 2 is a hilarious mix of magic, action, RPG, co-op multiplayer entertainment. Gameplay moves after the Magical Wars destroyed the Midgard kingdom from the presence of the mentioned mags, from the catacombs there is a four-hour team of fake wizards, eager for glory & providence.

Under the tutelage of the vampire government, the heroine company moves to the adventure of a vivid kingdom long and long, depriving a linear story, looking for a variety of personalities, artefacts and other assets that will help them withstand a new threat that overwhelms the peasant lands on Midgard hills.
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The player moves to account with the hordes of fantasy vices and creatures through intense combining of magic, through close combat, and through the main thrust of the game. A total of eight magic schools (fire, water, ice, earth, death, magic armor, treatment and electricity) are available almost from the very beginning, with the possibility of their mutual combination.

Download Magicka 2 for PC, PS4 or Mac
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Frenetic mixing and concatenation of magic, as in previous cases, is the core of the game itself and is a generator of a good atmosphere, especially when you break one of the combinations that at that moment give you the advantage in the game.
magicka 2 download for pc
Fire + earth and fire-bombs, death + earth and air that further detonates, shields plus some magic and fire / water / earth or some other barrier, burning out fired friends with water-spell to extinguish them or the enemy you will then To penetrate current and the like.

The addition of the gameplay comes in the form of a few different pieces of auxiliary equipment (such as swords and bats) that often make certain bonuses and penalties when using them. The main improvements in the game relate to certain artifacts, ie additional conditions during the game, which you accumulate over time at levels and then stacked in a limited number of slots.
magicka 2 download for mac or ps4
An up-to-date graphical representation that now rests on full 3D rendering and display of levels and characters has been enhanced. Everything is much more colorful and softer for the eyes, along with a positively positioned camera that monitors the screen, abundance of details, nice animation and effective discrete visual solutions.

Magicka 2 is theoretically possible to play singleplayer, this experience is less fun, the game is in this case uncompromisingly difficult even at a lightweight level, enemies appear on all sides and are constantly focused solely on you, some boss encounters cause multiple-day trauma if you try to You will neutralize them individually, while at the same time you will encounter quasi-logical problems that are practically impossible to solve.

We recommend Magicka 2 co-op, we guarantee great fun.

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