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Mayan Death Robots is a fun artillery game similar to the Worms, Scorched Earth, and Pocket Tanks titles, but it’s different from being stryped and accelerated, and because your goal is not to kill an opponent but to destroy its energy core, which is at the beginning of the game is usually protected by field obstacles or buried underground.

If you are looking for Mayan Death Robots Steam Key, you are at the right place. Here you can download activation key with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Instruction step by step

If you kill an opponent, the flying saucer returns him to the battlefield again in the next move. Both opponents pull the move at the same time, the time to pull the move is only ten seconds, which gives a much quicker action. Due to the fast pace and short strokes, only two pieces of weapons are available for the robot at your disposal.
mayan death robots for pc
Robot Huracan, named after one of the maya gods of lightning, has a tornado drilling a hole in the ground for the primary weapon, and for a secondary pulse grenade, while Hun-Batz has a banana for primary weapons and for secondary stone boulders. Although there are some differences in weapons, it is usually one of two weapons more efficient in drilling holes in the field, and the other in damaging.

In addition to two pieces of weapons that are available to you in every move, from time to time you are assigned and randomly selected special weapons. Such as a triple missile or earthquake-type weapon, but which you can use only once. In every move, instead of using weapons, you can choose to jump, set blocks of land in the form of Tetris figures.
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You can use these blocks to protect your energy core from enemy fire, or, for example, to create a platform to jump on. If it was not possible to set blocks of the field on the screen, the lots would be very quickly finished, when you are targeting, you will immediately see the drawn arc of the movement of the shot, about halfway through its path, so that you know in advance whether you will hit the target if there are no obstacles between you.

In a singleplayer and in a local multiplayer, besides individual matches, you can also play a campaign that gives you a cute and funny story of the game, and during which you unlock additional robots and special weapons. Campaign missions are presented as episodes of the program show, which consists of fighting gigantic robots on exotic, newly discovered planets.
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Each level also contains some add-on or an aggravating circumstance, which makes the levels varied and interesting during the campaign’s transition. So in one level, a raging storm can hit you with lightning, the second drops in the snow, and hordes of snow monsters are hitting you. In the third, your carnivorous plant is difficult to handle, while in the fourth part of the screen is a Spanish fort that blocks your fire line against the opponent’s energy core.

There are also boss fighting, most often with mayan gods, who do not like the fact that they recapture the followers who consider you and other robots for the gods and are constantly jumping around you during the matches and attack the opponent’s robot if it passes to your half of the screen and approaches your energy core.
mayan death robots play free local multiplayer
During the battle, the energy core of you and your opponent is teleported from the screen, and you are temporarily united to win the queen. Mayan Death Robots is worth playing if you are a fan of artillery games or if you are looking for something to play in a local multiplayer.

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