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Morningstar Descent to Deadrock is an old adventure, which has been revived in a new dress. The story begins by doing so the gravitational anomaly, the three of the cosmonauts ripple on the planet Dedro. Hardly damaged, it ends on the desert soil of the planet. It turns out that only one of the three passengers, a certain Pauel drop survived without any consequences.

The engineer is dead, and Captain Novak lies unobtrusively in the cockpit, stitched with a rod that knows where to turn it off. You’re defending the captain and throwing up on the ship’s replenishment: need to find a new plasma injector, replace hibernation fluid, check the ignition…
Ship wreck in the desert
A simple premise will soon fade when Pauel hits the entities that inhabit the planet. Radio communication between the two main characters in the game, sometimes prevalent in antagonism and rivalry, and sometimes in an insecure tone.

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Although Novak sounds too cold-blooded for someone whose internal organs are just re-arranged with a metal rod, and Pauel’s tone in commenting sometimes becomes too straightforward and uninteresting, it seems that speech synchronization was still serious.
The body in the wreck of the ship
The graphics were made in 1080p resolution and almost completely changed. Although most models are the same, everything is rendered in a different, more moderate way, with bold textures and professional distribution of light in the frame. It has dropped from scanning to the left or right side, so all locations are displayed on static screens, with minimal animated detail.

The inventory sheet is moved by the mouse point, with the selection of objects by the lever and by viewing them right. The map allows the current location change, “hot spots” are discreetly marked, and at any time there is a radio connection with Captain Novak who will tell you what to do.
Captain's cabin
Morningstar Descent to Deadrock there is a relatively interesting story, right-handed dialogues, and purposeful graphics whose hopelessly static character somewhat mitigates the rendered animations. The pity is not long, and most of the issues remain to be in the air.

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