Mortal Kombat X Review

There is no need to present Mortal Kombat X, almost no player who has not heard of this famous, many of the best martial arts series. Mortal Kombat X has done a lot of improvements. The block is still executed with its own keystroke as in older versions.

From the other buttons we have two hands, two legs, a change of attitude, and an “action” button that serves to interact with objects on the battlefield or to get away if you’re in the middle. Of the twenty-four fighters, as much as available, there are eight new ones for every praise.
Among the new fighters are Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, Jax’s daughter Jacqui, mercenary Erron Black, Ferra / Torr, Kotal Kahn, Kung-lao-Kung Jin, the insect creature D’Vorah and Kenshi’s son Takeda Takashi.

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Goro is included in the show but needs to pay extra. As for other fighters, there are mostly old stars such as Sub Zero, Scorion, Sonya, Jax, Kano and Raiden. The fighters that will be available later are Hollywood stars, Jason from “Friday Thirteen, Predator … from” Predators, “as well as Tanya and Tremor.
Each fighter has three variations that the player chooses before the fight. Each brings certain bonuses and has a significant influence on the style of the game. The Super Bar is still an integral part of the game and can be used for an X-Ray move, breaking a combo or using reinforced special moves.

The sound in the game is fantastic, and that can be said for the graphics. The game just looks pretty good. Fighters and backgrounds are well-rounded to the finest details. The farms are too small and there are plenty of them. Arena facilities can be used to attack an opponent.
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It will be able to pick up a visitor from the audience who is watching the fight and throw it on the opponent. Blood and violence are what has always been the trademark of Mortal Kombat. Fatalitics have never looked brutal, X-Ray moves too.

The game also includes a crypt or a tomb. These players have the ability to play a bit in the FPS where the main goal is to “rob” the tombs earning a bonus in the game. Namely, in the crypt you spend the money earned by playing the game itself. The opening of each tomb costs a certain amount of money, which brings a certain bonus.

You can unlock more fatal, brutal, fighter images, icons … etc. However, money is not earned easily and you have enough to play to unlock everything. Story mode is simply fantastic. The move goes directly to the previous game, but it still takes place twenty years after the end of Mortal Kombata 9.

Mortal Kombat X brings a multitude of additional content that keeps you back to the game. You’re running infinite hours by collecting experience for your profile and cryptic coins to unlock all the curiosities it brings. Story in the game, graphics, sound … all of you will fall off your feet …

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