Niko Through the Dream Download

niko through the dream free download

Niko Through the Dream Download

Niko Through the Dream is an indie logic adventure from the first person, which will try similar games to try to offer something new, above all about the visual design of the game. Nobody is a wild devotee who lives without a worry and is surrounded by nature. Once she wears her adventurous boots, Niko enjoys numerous adventures in the company of forest animals, at least until the sun goes down.

At night, however, unusual dreams and nightmares are troubled, driven by her loneliness and the undefined traumas of childhood, which the player progressively reveals through the game. No one is a platform puzzle adventure platform.
niko through the dream download free
The Niko dreams and nightmares are presented with a series of hovering islands, with almost completely grinned, neon belly walls, ceilings and other surfaces, with a minimal number of discreetly placed objects, buildings and buildings that visualize the harmonious elements, and at the same time are an integral part of numerous The puzzles that are placed in front of the player.

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The problems themselves are relatively simple and interestingly designed, and their solution should only be carefully studied and visited locations for potential traces. The colorful puzzles and mechanisms that you will encounter are based on the proper combination of colors, shapes, or some other elements, and will be easy for anyone who has played an adventure like the legendary Myst.
niko through the dream pc game download
The jumper-platform challenges are trivial, and you’re going to kick them in a hurry, the game is more conceived as a journey through the fantastic terrains, without too many moments that would stuck the player and require a longer-term solution.

The campaign is linear, the only additional activity at the levels is chasing for accomplishments, which come to seek out well-hidden objects, solve optional, no-problem problems and puzzles, speeding up certain levels, and the like. These activities are almost equally interesting for solving as well as the mandatory parts of the campaign.

If you love logical adventures from the very first face, with a seductive and relaxing atmosphere, Niko Through the Dream is the right thing for these hot summer days.

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