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NOT A HERO is a 2D shooter with charm, pedigree and a dozen bizarre style that achieves the real difference between the original and the borrowed. Let the difference in the perspective and the degree of challenge do not bother you, even though it starts slightly, the weight level will be increased for the first five minutes, NOT A HERO is a reflex-fest that will give you synapses and tolerance to a serious test.

NOT HERO was inspired by Hotline Miami’s action game, and caused the emergence of clones, who have literally redesigned the market, seeking cake biscuits. Gameplay begins with the ambition of an intelligent, anthropomorphic rabbit who came from the future and decided to win the mayoral election. Unlike the real world in which the Mayor becomes after the event, Bunny Lord must be fond of voters who will immediately elect him in free elections.
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In Bunny Lord’s head, the quickest way to foster support is brutal clashes with local gangs, making it more labile, forcing the members of their fun club to purge a series of sparse spate. NOT A HERO consists of three themed groups of levels. In the first city district, you fight against the Russian mafia, after the Black Gang is waiting for you, and the election campaign ends with the massacre of the triads.

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Each level has one major and three optional goals whose ebbing varies from lightweight to mega-clairvoyance. Fulfilling optional missions increases your electoral ratings faster, which is why unlocking alternative members of the “fun club” is quicker, offering a variety of action-fighting mechanics variations. NOT HERO belongs to a group that transcends mere survival and realistically shines with the sharpness and scumbagness of the gameplay experience it offers.
not a hero download for pc
Take a look at the action from the 2D perspective, guiding your hero by simply projecting locations using the left, right, and lift entry keys. In contact with your opponents, you will be used to kick your feet and take over (use the same trigger) and, of course, shoot and recharge weapons. Taking the cover does not really require shelter, but it can be carried out anywhere.

Most of the reckoning comes down to fast popping out of the dungeon and dumping the baker into opponents. As you progress at levels, the number and equipment of your opponent will increase. After starting guns and pistols, you will soon face bastards with armed automatic rifles and shotguns, and in the third you will be greeted by the martial arts craftsmen who kill you with a single blow.
not a hero download for ps4
The game is full of special, consumable ammunition that easily turns the worst situations into your benefit and gives you the opportunity to enjoy. NOT HERO can be connected to Hotline Miami, although similarities do not end with visual identity elements.

The levels are in principle unisex and do not favor any character, so it is worth the habit of dynamics and kinematics of a hero, especially if you intend to pursue secondary goals. If you love bizarre British humor and you do not have high criteria, you will be relatively satisfied.

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