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Order of Battle: Pacific is in a positive sense of the true retro strategy, so anyone who has ever met any Panzer General derivative will be on a well-known ground. After a successful completed tutorial that takes away the whole afternoon comes the order of the American or Japanese campaign, and when they get tired there are additional scripts and a functional editor.

Choosing between five different levels of weight will meet everyone’s abilities. For the successful completion of each individual scenario, it is necessary to fulfill the primary tasks that differ from mission to mission, while secondary goals affect the availability of additional financial and technical resources in the following scenarios.
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The key thing that Pacific differs from most similar games is the concept of supply line: namely, the battalion’s efficiency and mobility of each unit depends on its distance from the military bases or settlements and special types of ships that must remain close to the coast in case of landing on the island.

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If an enemy interrupts the supply line, the discharged forces soon become unusable and represent a loose plenum. The Order of Battle Pacific can boast an arsenal of over five hundred different units, with the larger part of it being wasted on numerous sub-variants.
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In addition to all possible types of dusters (from motorized to ordinary lizards), armored mechanics and artillery, there are also satraps of naval and aviation units, in accordance with the geographical area where this part of the war was played. There are patrol boats, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, underwater mines, submarines, hunters, strategic bombers etc.

The submarine’s usability is extremely limited because it moves slowly (slower on the surface, in case a moment requires the use of cannons on the deck) and the captain’s beard is raised during the standby after each shot torpedo.
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Artillery support units can use firearms to fire field maps on which there is no apparent presence of enemy forces immediately, which is very useful as a preventive attack on cities, prior to sending a major contingent, in situations where scaffolding units are unavailable due to engagement in the other part of the map.

Directly shifting the bridge by bridging the bridges results in a drastic reduction in mobility, with the notion that engineering, command and related units have the ability to destroy the bridges. After the end of the campaign scenarios, the choice between two specializations is made available to new units (nuclear bombers, mmm) available or existing unique capabilities.

The Order of Battle: Pacific does not bring anything radically new, playing a proven map is a source of solid and long-lasting entertainment, as some megalomaniac scripts last for fifty moves, and multiplayer in PBEM ++ and classic hotseat mode extends its life span.

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