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After meeting with the new action-platform platform, Microsoft sees new eye rubbing. With regard to the genre it belongs to, Ori and the Blind Forest is the most striking and beautiful game we’ve seen so far.

Although nominally belonging to the genre 2D platform, the game is being launched by the famous Unity engine, which in this case more than successfully simulates the hand-drawn background, ie the complete graphic side of the game. How do you describe the comfort of any screen, level, submenus, syntax, wake sequence, or other scene from this game, regardless of the enclosed scratches?

Do you start out of vibrantly vibrant forests whose crowns sway over the wind or sway in the storm, frailly crafted aquatic areas underneath which a lively life or perhaps a spectacular sculpture scene in front of a torrent flooding the huge tree? Are the lighting and colors that are so varied and dynamically changing depending on the time of day and the current weather conditions on the screen?

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From ice caves and dungeons with overlapping of the environment through ice-covered areas, canyons, dark caves, there are virtually no elements on the screen that in some, more or less discrete way, do not move, shine, paced or subtly participate in the composition of each scene.

The game in its fullest sense represents the perfect synergy between retro-platform classics and modern trends, both in terms of presentation as well as in smooth and unobtrusively implemented controls. The game is designed as a series of bigger, interconnected worlds, which are strikingly in line with your progress without the possibility of fast travel to specific locations.

The game is nominally non-linear, but it is inevitable in certain directions because some parts of the kingdom are unavailable until you acquire certain abilities that allow you to go further, which is also directly attributed to the metroidvania / castleroid genre by the authors themselves.

The tale follows Ori, a sympathetic cosmologist’s creature who, in its original form, ripped from the tree-to-soul crest during a torrential storm. Shortly adopted by Medvedol Nar, Ori soon becomes an orphan again and decides to embark on the adventure of reviving a shrunken forest kingdom, after his wood-parent’s forest demon Corus eradicated and discharged the Light of Life.

The abilities you get will fall into a standard set for this type of game (double jump, jumping, and then “clinging” to vertical surfaces and walls, sailing and falling dives and the like), with a special ability that brings the whole new action- Tactical layer game.

This refers to Bash, a skill with the help of Ori that can, when it is found near an opponent’s missiles or those enemies that are not on the ground, launches in a certain direction while the projectile / opponent from which you are reflected in the opposite direction. In this way it is not only possible to speed cruise on the terrain, but sometimes the opponent’s missile has to be directed in a certain direction to destroy some obstacles.

The control mechanism is easy and clear to use, the response to all your inputs is instantaneous, and it is all about the unprecedented fluidity of Ori’s movements. Additional weight is also given to some later elements of the game, such as a light balloon that emits a barrier around Ori, which allows him to walk on deadly surfaces, as well as move around the walls and ceilings without changing the control scheme.

Music is generously produced, and in all other situations it appropriately monitors events and suits the ambience. The Ori and the Blind Forest textbook definition of instant-classic, a game that resonates with all ages and profiles of players, and which should become part of the general culture of every player.

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