Planet Coaster tips and tricks

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Planet Coaster tips and tricks

Planet Coaster tips, the player has to build from scratch an amusement park, is a wonderful simulation, but at the same time must take into account the finances during construction because very easily collapse.

We set up a video tutorial, where you can see how to start a game, we get a lot of emails where our readers are asking “how to start and what to build first?” And here we decided to record a video, which you can see at the bottom of the text. Here we shall briefly explain everything that was taken.

At the beginning it is best to do so to plan where to build what, when we planned everything in detail, we move to the implementation of the plan into action. We start by building a entrance to the amusement park, then build a small carousel, slides, trains and more. But caution, do not get carried away and spend all the money, it can take you into bankruptcy.

building basic build from scratch

The key to success is to always be careful not to spend all the money from the budget, when you build a couple of buildings, wait a minute to see whether you make or lose money. If your earnings are greater than maintenance, then you can slowly expand and build on, but if you lose money, then you have to quickly find where the problem is why there is not enough visitors!

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Basically, the problem knows arise if construction of entertainment facilities is not planned, that is if the objects are built without any order and sense. For example, if you build a house of fear, by her need to build a facility for the sale of food and drink, because visitors will be hungry and thirsty. This is just one example of how to build a profitable and a large amusement park.
how to start and what to build first
Planet Coaster is an ideal game where you can demonstrate your skills of planning and money management, this is not just a game it’s a simulation that can improve your skills of organization and management. So we can say that this game has an educational character, while playing you develop the ability to organize, as you once in your life may need.

This is briefly what you can see in the video, but the video will all be much more detailed, so there is no need to write anything. There is an old saying that says “the picture changes a thousand words”. We hope that you find this tutorial help you become better and to build a great park for fun.

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