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pneuma breath of life full game download
Pneuma: Breath of Life is a first-person puzzle game, has good puzzles and an experimental, but quality narration. Breath of Life remembers support for Oculus Rift, and puzzles are also in the mind. Problems are mostly really original and are related to looking at objects in this way or the other way around.

For example, you are in the room, with five eyes. As soon as you see it, you only have a few seconds to look at the other four. It is up to you to assess how to do it, and of course the solution is not immediately obvious. Neither a puzzling look, there are also a number of specific challenges that have never been seen before.
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The biggest problem is that you are more tormented to break what the puzzle is, than how to break it. You have to go to the room several times, you see the closed door, but not the puzzle elements that will allow you to open that door. Compare this, for example, with the Portal, in which you are immediately aware of what you have.

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Initially, you are sure that there is some mistake and that the puzzle is unresponsive. After a while, you start thinking about “out of the box” and the light goes off, one portal goes here, the gel goes there, you’ve got a problem and you have a great time. There is no Pneuma.
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Yes, you will probably be stuck for a shorter time, but only as long as you figure out how things work, the tiles turn around when you look at the scratch and the like. Scenario leaves a worse impression. In the role of the title Pneumas, a figure that is created in a world inspired by the ancient Greek / Roman ambiance, and who immediately concludes that it is a godly god.

Breath of Life does not have a story in the traditional sense of the word, but consists of a series of monologues. From room to room, Pneum constantly rejoices and philosophizes on the various metaphysical aspects of his existence, which is beginning to get smarter. The first problem is that these monologues not only are not interconnected, but do not even advance the Pneumatic character or action.
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Nor is it that the actor who lends his voice sounds pretty much reported, and the text itself is problematic because it is unnecessary to extend sentences that should be humorous, but they are not. On the one hand, individual monologues do not sound bad in themselves, but since a similar text appears before every puzzle, it would be better if the authors wrote a much smaller scenario.

Pneuma: Breath of Life has original puzzles that are not trivially light, which is why it rises above the average. Many puzzle game enthusiasts will be quite enough to try the game.

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