Prison Architect Free Download 2017

prison architect free download 2017

Prison Architect Free Download 2017

Prison Architect is a private prison construction and management simulation. This is a game that you will learn for days, but who will reward every wise manager with the strategic and managerial skills he has never experienced before. Enjoying it depends on individual sensibility for details and affinity for administration.

If you think that real rehabilitation does not have the destruction of trees in the dense forests of Siberia, that resuscitation experiments from the “Oz” series are mere nonsense and that the best therapeutic agents are slap, thighbone and females. If this is the case, this game is not for you.
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Prison Architect has three basic game modes: a campaign tutorial, a sandbox, and a mode in which you run from jail. As with other titles of this type, the essence is a sandbox that allows you to create a functional private prison in a way that you find worthwhile, using repressive or rehabilitative methods or a combination of them.

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The basis of everything is the design of objects and the editing of their interior. The prison block, for example, is not a monolithic unit that you place in a gameworld with a click, but it defines the position, dimensions, number and size of the cell by the wall, the bed, the toilet, and, possibly, the TV … The same goes for all other objects Whose correlation greatly affects the prisoner’s mood.
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If you make a small canteen, and a large number of prisoners, for half an hour of lunch on a daily schedule, most will not get to eat, which will raise their scale of food dissatisfaction. Similarly applies to hygiene, recreation, entertainment, a sense of security, and other factors that must be synchronized to maintain discipline and prevent rebellion.

Each prisoner is a complex individual whose behavior depends on several fixed factors and many variables. Some inmates are more lazy than others, some are mentally ill, some are killers, others are due to speeding, the third for financial fraud, the fourth for passionate crimes … Create an ecosystem that suits the needs of each one.
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Do you go for rehabilitation through work? Organize courses in the kitchen and workshop so that graduates engage in production and thus enable them to earn and qualify for life at liberty? Do you also relax the guard and patrol regime and get them out of the sight of armed guards who make them nervous? The full freedom that the game offers to you has the potential to refuse players who do not want an absolute impact on every detail.

Prison Architect gives you control over virtually all theoretical and practical factors relating to life and work in prison. In addition to architectural design, you will also deal with setting meals quality, making daily schedules, giving and subtracting the privileges for receiving visits and having a TV in the cell, throwing problem prisoners into solitary confinement, enabling retraining, education and acquiring new knowledge…
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You will build chapels in the middle of the prison and watch the killer, who in the free time raises weights in the yard, spend the afternoon in prayer; You will organize patrols with dogs that will search for narcotics, you will fight the epidemics of infectious diseases (because you are saving hygiene and engaging only two cleaners for the whole prison), occasionally making a total shakedown in search of daggers, drugs and mobile phones etc

Prison Architect is an absolutely unique game, the developers who constructed such a complex system, with so many overlapping factors, deserve admiration.

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