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Project CARS is a driving simulation that fits side by side with Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. The fast ride is reflected in a very good way. The launching engine requires concentration, rapid reflex and complete dedication to the task. Project CARS is the most satisfying driving simulation that is currently on the market!

Project CARS does not allow the development of a driver, does not offer a car purchase, does not give the player the option of car budgeting and replacement of parts, and even the implemented experience system is not included in this class. On the trail you exit at the moment and, depending on how you show yourself, you get invitations to participate in special championships: karting, formulas, city cars, GT Complements, super cars, prototypes…
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Active in the current year can only be one championship, while you are filling up between two racing weekends by participating in invitational competitions that are not mandatory for instant characters, some are even longer than the current championships you are currently attending. They can either either ignore you completely or participate in everyone, as you order the cup, but you also have the opportunity to (previously) manage cars that are not otherwise available in the main campaign.

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After a certain amount of time, the applied mechanics goes into the routine, a large number of cars and an excellent system that you have to fulfill if you want to get the title of the best. The first training is on the menu, then the qualifiers go right after that race. If you decide to skip qualifications, you start from the last place and then almost impossible to reach the podium, but how good are you to the wheel.
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The length of the qualification and the race can be adjusted (literally in front of each event), just like the intelligence of the AI drivers, so you can make a mix that will suit you perfectly. A standard set of accessories (Brake Assist, Moving Travel Pace, ABS …) is available to those who love arcade access to the themes.

Each of the available cars behaves differently on the track, and each has a clear emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages you can influence by setting in the garage, braking power, tire pressure, and so on. There is also a detailed detectable damage detection system that will prevent you from getting distracted and in the Carmageddon style you will be pulled off from the vehicle trail in front of you. It is true that some damage can be eliminated in the box, during the race, but if you do not mind, it may also result in dropping of the wheels, engine explosion, and other fatal inconveniences.
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It is particularly impressive to observe the different weather conditions, you start the race in the sunny time, after the first pit stop you are breaking the clouds, so that the spell of the monsoon levels will be followed with reduced visibility, lightning, thunder etc.

When you roll your tires for wet weather, the sun appears behind the cloud, the trail starts slowly to dry, and now you are bothered by the low sun, because it blurts you in the eye … There are four changes of weather conditions during a race, and all this should be added And the fact that during the race time runs and that day racing can easily turn into a nightmare.
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Cars sound realistically, literally breathing air with their roar, and if you tighten the speakers a bit, the room will turn into a real, straightway car. There is no shortage of tire, changer, scaffolding on the asphalt, rocking the bodywork … The sound is pure ten.

Project CARS will attract the attention of all driving simulators. And that’s just because of the extraordinary way the ride is spotted! Fantastic graphics and sound effects are an extra plus, and see that much effort, effort, and sweat have been invested in making the game.

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