Pure fun with Hot Shot Golf (Everybody’s Golf 7)

Let's have fun with Golf

Pure fun with Hot Shot Golf (Everybody’s Golf 7)

Japanese software company Clap Hanz known for a series of nice golf simulation. Hot Shot Golf can also be found under the name of “Everybody’s Golf” follows a long tradition in this genre, made in a recognizable manner, bringing five gaming regime of which is the most popular multiplayer.

Otherwise the game has intuitive controls which makes playing real fun, which creates and cheerful atmosphere. At the beginning the player is not very much of a choice in front of you, can choose one of two characters and one field of play. The achievement of good results in the competition, the player to unlock new equipment, new players and the field of play.

Experiential Pts also earn during gameplay, Pts used for upgrading skills. Otherwise, the game uses a very simple system of jar, which does not automatically mean that the simpleĀ and provocative, we can say that perfectly balanced and intuitive.

Hot Shot Golf is technically perfectly shaped game, the graphics are beautiful in every respect, the most we liked to have done models golfers (large figures modeled in a comic manner). Grounds are very nice and thoroughly done, landscapes are rich in detail so that they look beautiful.

play gameplay use pts for upgrading skills

If you want to play, you can download here

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As for the animation, simply everything runs smoothly and fluidly, and as icing on the cake coming special effects, which all give a special charm and experience. I must emphasize that the “Hot Shot Golf” best simulation you can find. The sound effects in the game are solid but it is not at least do not spoil the overall impression, even going to hear a lot of nice comments after strokes played.

Just long you will spend hours in good fun, I recommend that you play multiplayer with friends, you can compete with each other which guarantees top entertainment. The game has gained great popularity among young and old alike is represented because of their attractiveness intuitive system controls and graphics that is a feast for the eyes.

Realistically speaking on every aspect of the game deserves to be found in the collection of games, we guarantee that you will have a good time with this beautiful graphics and cute comments during gameplay.

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