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Ride irresistibly reminiscent of the first chapters in the Forza series. Here you can model and dress drivers that will represent you on races, but everything else is almost identical. With the money you are buying one of several motorcycle , and then selecting the championship where you will be participating. All are sorted by classes, constructors, engine types and years of production and are further classified into smaller segments.

Each race brings you a number of experience points that rank you on the list of the top 300 drivers, as well as the money that you use to buy a new motorcycle, or to improve them. Interestingly, you are not forced to win one of the first three places on each race, but the “counts” the gold medals you win.
motorcycle models can be tweaked by purchasing parts
In most cases, you are expecting a round trip on the Grand Prix Trails, as well as fictional scenic routes. In addition, tournaments, racing games (including hand-picking speeds), trials, endurance racing, and even so-called open track day events are available, where the goal of the track is to find the number of amateur drivers before the scheduled time runs out.

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Ride has over 100 models of the world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturer, such as: KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Honda Triumph, Ducati, BMW … It will bring you to 15 locations offering over 40 different configurations, The streets of Milan and Miami as well as five scenic routes.
Ride is a quality racing game
The offered motorcycle models can be tweaked by purchasing parts of different quality / performance. You can boost your machines to influence the quality of brakes and tire, make a change of used oil, and make cosmetic changes that can, but do not yield much better performance.

AI of the opposing drivers is highly predictable and static, driving straight, not double, throwing you on the asphalt and thus winning a better position. Once drivers move forward, there are no chances to get them to drive as well, especially at higher levels of difficulty. At the beginning you will have problems with the Very Easy adjustments because you simply will not have a motorcycle to parry the immaculate AI routine.
successfully completed the challenge
The engine models are great, just like the animation of the driver, but everything else is far below the required criterion. There is a lack of details on the objects near the track, most of the textures are “blurry” and, as it is the case, some of the public and the flora have been the worst of the rules, as if they had been teleported from a title 10 years ago.

Finally, to make it all in 60 FPS in Full HD resolution you will need a pretty strong machine. Ride is not so bad an attempt to make a quality racing game, it will keep you a number of hours spent on the monitor.

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