Rise of the Tomb Raider Review


Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

For some time, Rise of the Tomb Raider was exclusively reserved for the Xbox One console, later on for personal computers and finally for Playstation. The story of Lara leads the way of the burial of the immortal prophet and the messian who brought his persecuted people from the hot Syria to the cold Siberia, where they built the ancient city of Kitech, which, in its hiding places, conceals “the mystical artifact of unbelievable and presently unnamed powers.”

This time all the story has a strong personal character, because this legend is for some reason attributable to the suicide of Lara’s father and Lara will have to discover in a new set of adventure that in a relationship all this with her family friend An as well as a paid organization under Named Trinity, whose Templar predecessors had already tried to reside on the rep called Prophet.
The beginning of the game, climbing the mountain
In the game, the Byzantine empire, the abandoned remains of the Communist era and Orthodox milestones and iconography overlap, which creates an excellent final atmosphere. So you are going through the Soviet military base and the mining complex, several churches and monasteries where you discover a bunch of audio records, messages and records from several time periods reflecting events, personalities and procedures related to the region around the mentioned base and the ancient city of Kitech.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is expected to follow the predestination of its predecessor, extending what we had the opportunity to see earlier. This implies a collision of exploration and tumbling on the rocks and wilds of Siberia, exploring two larger and smaller hub areas, spectacular moments of explosive bombardment with Trinity soldiers, and researching only a dozen temples and tombs that are based on solving certain mechanical puzzles.
In the mountains a hidden temple
These foams are practically wider polygons that are predictably designed to connect the side-to-side, lesser levels you will be led by, and above all they are tricked by a bunch of bonuses, items, side challenges and tasks. Hunting animals for meat and skin, as well as collecting scattered resources again give off survival in nature, but quickly become unnecessary and unnecessary activities, which are only there to provide the equipment for improving the equipment.

Here you will find:

Wood craftsmanship is now even more intense with advancements that are mostly focused on fighting, blowing and various, direct or indirect ways of removing the enemy. By researching masonry, frescoes, and symbols on the walls, raise Larin’s linguistic level on the basis of which you interpret the monoliths you sporadically reveal.
Weapon buying and upgrading
The result of all this is unlocking locations on a map where some ancient coins are concealed to buy modern equipment and weapons. Temples and tombs whose solu- tions are based on certain mechanisms or the proper use of the surrounding elements and logical thinking are comfortably designed, though generally small in size and easy to solve if you properly inscribe what is expected of you.

The graphic appearance of the game is excellent and implemented visual effects that will fairly sweep and strengthen configurations, but with the premier optimization of the engine that triggers the game. The World of Rise is extremely detailed and almost photo-realistic at moments, especially with regard to vanserious lighting and the unbelievably soft overflow of sunshine on certain surfaces.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great achievement with all the attention it takes.

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