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Review – Rocket League stadiums are sci-fi arenas that are driven by energy barriers so that neither the cars nor the ball can leave the terrain box. The balls are, of course, several times larger than the cars themselves, while goals of a giant dimension will not be defended by the goalkeeper.

Rocket League is the latest hybrid sports game coming from Psyonix. You and your teammates have in mind only victory and how to finish the match with more goals than received goals. The violations are played in “1 on 1”, “2 on 2”, “3 on 3” or “4 on 4” format, and it is interesting that the screen can be divided into four equal parts, so in the balloons you can simultaneously To participate in up to four players.
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The player of his input can also show up online, where are also supported counts “4 against 4”, which is also one of the main features of the game. Next, this game brings the famous cross-over multiplayer support, which means that PC gamers can play against the owner of PlayStation 4.

Management is easy and that is another reason why Rocket League will get the players under the skin. In addition to the accelerator and braking keypad, the turbo drive activation switch is used, there is also the one that activates the drifting to reset the 180 degree engine, as well as the flip-up key for the car around the horizontal or in order to mimic the jump And I hit the ball.
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The ball can not be silenced to the naked eye or added to a team player in a classical way, but it needs to be pushed to the goal line or flattened with strength and hit with the body. Energy barriers allow continuous action because the ball can not go in the car, and cars can not finish in the public, even after the worst crashes.

When you want to achieve a speedy advantage over dummies, use the turbo drive that is being used, but it can be renewed by crossing over the power points scattered throughout the terrain. This is actually the only special feature you have and everything else depends solely on your reflexes and resourcefulness.
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The game, though, has an experience system, you score points based on field performance (wins, goals, assists, defenses …) so you can unlock various addons over time. You can mount a different type of tire, make a car, put a jumbo hat on the roof, undo the flag on the radio antenna.

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All of these changes are of a cosmetic nature and do not affect the performance of the car or the acquisition of some new features. Cars do not suffer damage, though surviving close encounters with concrete fences and strikes by opposing cars.
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Playing in the company gives a completely different dimension, and because of simple steering controls, everyone can play. Spectacular collisions, never-missing flippage, jerking up with opposing cars and close co-operation with the players will enchant you on the first ever play. In this segment, Rocket League is simply brilliant.

The Rocket League launches the Unreal 3 engine, featuring a graphic side that is all very well packed and optimized to work well on older PC configurations. Soundtrack is specially made for this game, public commentary screams, high quality car models, special effects bets on goals and so on.

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