Rockstar Considered GTA 6 in Tokyo

gta 6 tokyo

NEWS Rockstar Considered GTA 6 in Tokyo

TechRadar has revealed some interesting details about Grand Theft Auto’s past and future. First, the unnamed source told the site that Rockstar Games was considering making a FULL Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo and even sent staff to the Japanese city for a research trip.

Though Rockstar was reportedly serious about making a GTA game set in Tokyo, the idea was scrapped for a couple major reasons.

Work has started on Grand Theft Auto 6, however a location for the game has not been chosen yet, but, if the source is right, it will probably be in the United States.

Rumors of Rockstar working on a new Grand Theft Auto game are not all that surprising. Take-Two has labeled the franchise permanent, which basically guarantees new entries in the series are coming.  Additionally, former Rockstar boss Leslie Benzies said in the past that Rockstar has some ideas for Grand Theft Auto 6. There is a clear business opportunity to make a sixth mainline game, as the latest entry, 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V, has shipped more than 60 million copies.

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