Rockstar Games appears to tease Red Dead Redemption sequel

Red Dead Redemption sequel
Recently, the fan page Rockstar Games tweeted some pictures continuation 2008 Red Dead Redemption. The published pictures on twitter is authentic and it is very possible that Rockstar Games what will be the reaction of the fans!

Reaction of the fans on twitter is more than good, within 24 hours, it was more axis 100,000 retweets and 200,000 likes. From unofficial sources informed us that Rockstar Games began preparations for the new extension.

Otherwise, Red Dead Redemption is an open world in a modern setting for a crime Wild West. Rockstar has received numerous awards in 2008, critics and fans it is often cited as one of the best games console Xbox and Playstation.

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It is interesting that in Rockstar Games happen a little strange things recently by a former employee sued the company for damages from $150 million due to charges that he unfairly expelled from the company.

From Rockstar Games assure us that the charges are unfounded and that there is no need to worry, we can hope that this will not affect the future work of Rockstar’s.

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