Samsung Launches its Quantum Dot Curved Monitors

Samsung Dot Curved Monitors
Samsung has finally unveiled its new Curved Monitor gaming at this year’s GamesCom, the monitor boasts a Quantum Dot technology. Monitor has caused great attention of visitors Gamescom’s, where Samsung has finally announced the launch of its curved gaming monitor.

Otherwise, the first monitor with this technology has been specifically designed for professional players! Probably many of you want to know why the quantum dot technology for good players?

Few can explain the principle on which works the quantum dot. Quantum dots are essentially tiny nanocrystals that, when charged, capable of displaying 130% of the sRGB color spectrum and thus allow higher precision colors and higher contrast!

Samsung monitor is also integrated advanced Blur Technology, AMD’s FreeSync technology, Samsung says it will eliminate the potential visual disturbances and users should see fewer instances of tearing pictures, stuttering, and flickering in the gameplay.

We highly recommend purchasing these monitors because they are very good quality and we guarantee that you will like the curved screen, a design that is formatted to fit the natural curve of the human eye… As we used to, Samsung we always processed new technology, and earned a quality that is proven for years.

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