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Shadow Complex (remastered) finally saw the light of day for personal computers. Shadow Complex is an explosive-dynamic arcade of an enviable level of infectivity, which does not waste time on the general plot of the story, the development of characters and similar little things.

After the introduction, in which you will save the vice-president of the United States at the last moment, is played on the territory of the Olympic Mountains (State of Washington), where a player puts into the skin of Jason, a seemingly ordinary guy who enjoys clerks and hiking in the landscape with his girlfriend. When they accidentally break apart, and Jason goes deeper into the cave complex, things start with an unexpected flow.
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It will be revealed that the interior of the mountain hides a huge techno-base to the teeth of armed conspirators who are preparing to launch a mysterious Restoration project with the aim of overthrowing the current government. Given that the terrorists will capture Clare, Jason is found and released, and while he is looking, he incapacitates a terrorist organization threatening American society.

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Shots, explosions, impressive boss files and general and continuous action that is subordinate to everything in the game are the main features of the Shadow Complex. Along with this, there is a constant research of the mentioned base, in order to find and use special parts of the equipment that will allow you to reach and penetrate to parts of levels that were unavailable until then.
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The equipment that will help you discover unexplored parts of a map can not be called the usual one, the way it’s used to bring in freshness while playing. For example, you should use the battery lamp to illuminate the terrain, and much more to identify smaller or larger panels, doors and other elements that you can influence or destroy.

Depending on the color they illuminate when they are illuminated, you will use classic guns, throw grenades, fired missiles or ballistic foam that cures and in this way damages or blocks certain obstacles. As a player, you will use a jet runner for short-range take-off (or double jump), climb hitch, deep diving mask, etc.
shadow complex remastered download for pc, ps4 or xbox
What is not characteristic of other games of the same type is the possibility of more advanced interaction with the environment and characters in it. The character you lead is limited to a two-dimensional plane (in a 3D world), opponents that attack you and which you are going to encounter do not have similar restrictions, and often attack or open fire both from the background and depth of location. The cursor you control with the mouse, therefore, automatically aligns with the background plane and allows you to shoot at those parts of the level.
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During the gameplay, the excessive lively character of the character you are guiding, it feels the game could be less actionable, in favor of a nuance of a slower performance, so that you can perform the best situations in the best possible way. The Complex’s Techniques involve a certain graphic facilitation, largely looking solid. Remastered brings more detail in the display, support for the usual screen resolutions of today, and an additional challenge map.

Shadow Complex is a refreshing arcade, the only sin that we can only enjoy now on computers. It’s definitely worth a try and assign to a collection and more than successful achievements of a similar performance that have appeared lately.

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