SOMA Review

soma game review

SOMA Review

The phenomenal game SOMA is signed by Frictional Games, the creators of the survival horror of action-based, adventure-based adventure. The immediate encounter with fear that persecutes you in the sequels of Amnesia has always been fatal and has not left you a choice between an instinctive response to “fight or flight.”

Before Amnesia, there was an opinion that a player must be given the opportunity to catch his or her fear with a catch or a bullet. Soma embraces the Greek word for body and hallucinogenic drugs from Haksli’s novel “Very New World”, and both meanings have a foundation in the concept of this fantastic game.
soma singleplayer
At the beginning of the game, Simon Jarrett, a young co-owner of a Toronto bookshop who wakes up in an intimate room and is preparing for a visiting psychiatrist. Deep brain scan, as an introduction to experimental therapy after a traffic accident. Simon was 100 years old attached to the handsets, but in a very unknown location.

The nature of his body and his consciousness, Simon will reveal the layer by layer, braving the corroded corridors of sunken installations, making frequent trips to the sea floor, and solving numerous problems that limit his freedom of movement. He realizes that the surface of our planet is devastated by the shock of a comet and that the crew of an underwater exploration colony, actually an experimental satellite launch facility, is all that remains of mankind.
soma survival horror
It is apparent that his intuitive scanner / AI construct has been preserved by a mere case as a teaching tool for young cybernetics and now serves as a engine for a biomechanical body fused with a deep suction subframe. In all this, Sarah, the AI construct of scientists who came to the fantastic idea of the brain scans of Pathos-II, more advanced than what our hero suffered, preserves the fragment of humanity in digital form, makes it into a sort of paper that Will be fired in the universe to endlessly travel the inter-space.

This is not the only thing he will have to face because some Pathos-II crew members, in cooperation with central computers, decided that they did not like this plan and created their own variant of utopia based on the more primitive symbiosis of man and machine. The chase and barking of biomechanic horror is quite embedded with exploration and numerous puzzles.
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SOMA is more terrible than Alien: Isolation and more atmospheric than BioShock, the layers of the heart start from quite realistic questions about death and continuity of existence. SOMA uses logic-adventure elements and constantly puts you in situations that require thinking and finding a solution. Troubled systems of Pathosa-II often seek restart or find alternative ways to start or shut down.

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Tasks are never too heavy, jamming is possible, but anyone who thinks a little bit will quickly find a solution. Most of the items in the game, the furniture and the scattered little things can be moved at will, which is an essential part of some puzzles, and it is possible to peek into each fiery or closet you run on. In addition to mandatory subjects, research fruits are often optional fragments of lore and narrative that will further deepen the story.

Atmosphere of the game SOMA is absolutely personalized, and the game allows easy identification and empathy with the protagonists. SOMA will organically motivate you to seriously consider what you would do in a similar situation, jumping you between despair, hope, and false hope in an expertly manipulative way.

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