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Sorcerer King is a fantasy RPG strategy, like Master of Magic, Disciples, Age of Wonders or Warlock. Sorcerer King is set in the world of elementals where evil, pronounced in the supreme wizard, triumphed and enslaved the old and the young, and the farmer killed herds, but it was not enough, but now fills the throwing of a mighty doomsday which would give him a divine status At the expense of the existence of the entire world.

You are in the role of a local cauldron, whose class you choose at the beginning, which play begins as the governor of a city owned by the magician king. Realizing that the job of a local lord is prospective, but that it will be a short-lived one if the mega-toothed doomsday spell is over, our hero decides to raise an uprising against the boss!
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In the first segment of the campaign, formed as a homogeneous on a large map, you spread your empire, but you will not be directly confronted with the big master until you gather the army, magic and artifacts. You can only raise cities in predefined locations, and in addition to settling, you move uphill to become close to the shards and the strategic resources that depend on the recruiting of stronger troops.

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Here is the same rule as in Civ games, if you do not have horses, no horsemen, no metal, no armor, and if you do not have horses and metal, none of the knights … You will be engaged in studying magic that has a global and tactical character and occasionally throw away, spending a man whose inflow depends on the number of shards in your possession.
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The key gem attribute is a doomsday clock that takes time to the end of the game. The line is lightly filled up every ten moves, but if you lose battle, take resource or other bounty of the magician or shreds in mini-quests, progress towards cataclysms will accelerate. Fortunately, during the game you will often have the opportunity to return the clock back, whether it is spells, or building specialty objects, or by doing good things.

In addition to the resources, cities, gangs and litters of various mobs and treasure chest, there are a huge number of bargains on the global map, each of which offers a task that can be completed immediately by selecting one of the few dialogues or types at a nearby location. From your relationship with quest givers, goals, and people will depend on changes in your character disposition, and loss or gain in items of honor, courage, compassion and others affects the doomsday journal.
sorcerer king pc game download
Some combat bonuses and random events in the game, for example, righteous rulers will occasionally come to volunteers in war units. Whether it’s a wizard’s armor or a competitive wake-up fighter, the opponents will not take on the offensive that makes sense and can endanger you, but as daggers wait for them to crash. The same miserable conclusion applies to AI in tactical battles, which is so indescribably bad that it really does not give any challenge.

Opponents can only defeat you with harsh power only if you do not use tactical exploitation with the encirclement. If more units are in touch with the opponent you are attacking in a close combat, all of your units on the touch line will simultaneously attack that opponent, making the toughest battles seem trivial because the opposing party will not take anything to prevent or attempt to do it to you.

You can only play with one race, human, with a very limited repertoire of units and a linear, always the same development mode of cities. Sorcerer King is a mediocre game that can not specially praise you, if you do not have a smarter job, try the game.

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