Star Wars Battlefront Review

star wars battlefront review
Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer for PC and consoles is absolutely loyal to the forms, aesthetics, heroes and sounds of the first film trilogy. Batlefront offers nine different modes, two are massive and designed for 40 players, has automatic matchmaking on the PC and consoles and is fully spared the launcher bundles. Star Wars Battlefront is a school example of the pick up & play principle of playing, beginners who have never played multiplayer will easily adapt.

This is not a hard-core shooter, nor is it a mid-core Battlefield-style shooter, but it fights the widest range of players. Most modes are variations on the theme of multiplayer classic from other games. Blast is a team deathmatch, and Cargo is a CTF (capture the flag) in which you steal a backpack from an opponent’s base instead of a flag. The player has nine modes available, seven are small, for ten or fewer players per page, while two are targeted at mass fractions of twenty-four teams: Supremacy faces two teams in the battle for key points in the territory, and the Walker Assault.
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This mode is what Star Wars Battlefront will be remembered for in history because it is the perfect storm of the best segments the game can offer. In relation to the open beta, the power balance is well balanced, so that it does not happen that the imperialists get a party in 90% of cases. Otherwise, Walker Assault is not reserved exclusively for the attack on the Eho base on the planet Hot, but you, like all other modes, can experience it on Endor, Sulust, and Tatuini.

Both multi-player modes also support combat from aircraft and vehicles that, like other temporary bonuses, are collected in the form of randomly spawned power-ups on maps. X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE and TIE Advanced fighter, snowspeeders, AT-ST conveyors and other Star Wars icons do not play a crucial role in the matches, but act more like a flavor enhancer.
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In the game there are two modes that operate exclusively legendary heroes of the mythology of Star Wars. Hero Hunt puts one player in the role of Luke, Leia, Hanna, Emperor, Darth Vader or Fett, while other players are trying to kill him. The one who kills him becomes a new hero, the character that the system randomly chooses, and heroic hunting continues. They kill. The one who becomes a new hero to him, the character who plays randomly, and the pursuit and the game continue.

Heroes vs Villains mod is even more interesting because in action they throw all heroes simultaneously (3 vs. 3), and the rest of the player plays a normal infantry that rotates with players-heroes at the beginning of each new round. The fashion would in fact be ideal not to be a big imbalance in capabilities: Imperial heroes are so much stronger than insurgents that it simply demoralized.
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One mode is exclusively for airborne fights, the Fighter Squadron is an aerial battle between the empire and rebels. Star Wars Battlefront has a toy system for progressing, leveling and unlocking new weapons and fighting gadgets. Compared to the one that exists in each Battlefield, this is relatively simple and does not offer too many options.

Weapons can not be fashioned by adding different optical sight, handles, pipes or other accessories, you are allowed to select one of the nine blasters whose unlocking is related to reaching a certain level. The weapon does not use ammunition, but it is warming up rapidly. The correct choice of cards for each multiplayer mode requires you to think a little: Ion rockets and other anti-vehicle specials will be perfectly useless in purely infantry mods that are in the majority.
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The new modification of the Frostbite engine, Star Wars Battlefront makes the most beautiful game this year, with the exception of Witcher 3. Endor map, no matter what it looks like, is the biggest hassle to play because of the ground branches that you will constantly cling to, which will prompt you Jump and become visible to enemy radars. Here you can get Star Wars Battlefront Key Activation if you complete the survey!

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