Stasis Game Download

stasis game download

Stasis Game Download

Stasis is a sci-fi horror point-and-click adventure game, from an isometric perspective, the game requires interactions with computers, combining items and puzzle solving. Stasis is a result of the five-year work of The Brotherhood and the content-aesthetic roots should be drawn from the Sanitarium and Original Crusader games.

The hero of this story, John Maracheck, is from hibernation to the Groomlake, a mining ship that lives in the orbit of Neptune. Of course, he does not know how to find himself on a seemingly abandoned and rotten boat, but he feels that his, as well as the lives of his wife and daughter, lie somewhere deep inside the steel eardrum in mortal danger.
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Since Groomlake is owned by the evil Keynes corporation, mining and ore processing serves only as a parade for genetic experiments, which soon start upside down. A scene that is somewhat creepy is the moment when John is forced to perform a surgical procedure on himself, though she too prefers nausea in the stomach, rather than true fear.

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Distorted commercials, overcoming company slogans and voice messages caught by security systems that are randomly heard from the clutter lode blood into the jugs. The stasis may be visually appealing, but everything looks too blurry on the screen, as if the game has a very low resolution resolution that was later upscaled.
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Due to unclear and overly dark graphics, objects are hardly noticeable, as well as their size that rarely exceeds a couple of pixels, and things are further aggravated by the fact that objects often do not respond to the first or second click of the mouse, which causes the player to stumble on someone Thinking that giving the element of the screen nothing else to a part of the backdrop with which no interaction is possible.

The voice acting is varied: a drunken doctor who seems to be behind everything is great, the man who lends Jona’s voice is mediocre, and the actress behind T’a is extremely dead. Adventures such as Sanitarium required a multi-day thinking, and as Stasis gameplay can end in five to six hours of relaxed gameplay, there is no word about comparison.

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