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Sword Coast Legends is located in Forgotten Realms, which, at least declaratively, relies on the fifth edition of the D & D rules. In addition to the usual selection of sex, race and subheading, the list of available classes is small, so only paladin, cleric, ranger, warrior, wizard, and rogue are present.

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The rules on which the Sword Coast Legends bar relies declaratively relies, although rudimentary branching is enabled by leveling out a few new skills that are available at higher levels. Choosing a background story, or the origin of the main character, further influences attributes, passive bonuses, as well as the initial amount of money and special items in the inventory.
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Of the available modes, there are stories, a module, a campaign, and a dungeon crawl that is only available online. You can play Story solo or with friends in co-op mode, but the modules are created with the help of Dungeon Master toolset. One of the main designers of the aforementioned set of tools integrated in the game did not hide how his goal was to do something that his eight-year-old sons could create adventures, which also affected you as a result.

The visual representation, the terrain and the structure of the locations where your new adventure will be played are predefined so that everything comes down to the mere installation of enemies and related objects. The only bright point about the modules is that one of the players can take on the role of the dungeon master and directly affect the flow of the game, which opens up many opportunities.
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Creating an adventure in the Forgotten Realms environment as a basic thing implies adherence to the rules of the game related to toy mechanics, while certain deviations are allowed in reliance on established relationships. AI is so immaculate at certain moments that it should be studied at some institute.

The characters are stuck in the furniture, without being challenged to choose the longest possible route to the object in front of their noses. Graphic display rarely exceeds thirty frames per second, there are no bugs at all, which is commendable. When you click on a body in search of a loot, an ecstatic “AAAH!” Comes from the lifeless body. Bag or necrophilia of the programmer.
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Character voices in the most ordinary shed reverberate as if they found themselves in the middle of the canyon. Regardless of the way you decide, the game is too short and does not provide almost any challenge because most of the content can be overtaken by simply clicking on the left mouse button without the need to activate advanced skills, and therefore leveling and constant improvement of abilities is meaningless . Sword Coast Legends Coop mode will keep you on top of the screen.

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