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Behind the title The Amber Throne stands the JRPG thrilling feature for older consoles, such as Segin’s Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. The reactivation of this genre is a real refusal, bearing in mind that the platformers have long led the main word to the indie scene.

Games of this type are equally suitable for independent production, and proof is also the fact that this title is made using RPG Maker. On the other hand, the space for innovations is narrower than the platforms, which does not have to be a bad thing, and we’ve looked at the failed and unfinished experiments.
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The story follows young Arro on her journey to Cilibrian prestige. Soon it allows the fulfillment of all the wishes of the one who is in charge of it. She wakes up after a long sleep, fearing her father’s words, who are trying to get her to the point and destroy her. An interesting and (not) deliberately produced effect of “throwing into the world” is interesting.

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The environment is not what our heroine remembers. Home simplicity of your task is complicated by the combination of unresolved questions and new information, but things come to your minds how the action moves. Movement and interaction are performed using premature controls on the keyboard or jumper.
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Through the conversation, some NPCs will point you to nearby regions with specific tasks. This can be called informal side quests. The Journal exists but does not contain a list of active quests, but only the notes that Arra occasionally makes. The game encourages you to explore because some of the items you pick up can be used to make potions and enhance your skins.

Moving will initially be a little tedious until you have the ability to scroll between the key points on the map, and one of the side quests can give you a mount. When your opponent saw you, go to the battlefield. The battle takes place alternately, and the influence on the order has the status of a result of an attack (for example, paralysis) and some abilities that must be pre-prepared.
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All the characters on the battlefield are fixed, and your impact on the outcome of the fight comes down to issuing commands. If it happens that you can not win an opponent, you are probably in a region that you do not yet have to visit. Once the battle is over, the experience points for each member of the party and the bivouac are announced on the items and amount of gold that you have received.

You will never be stuck with money, since every victory brings you something gold, while the items of the reels appear as a result of the fight. Respawn enemies control yourself by activating a certain relic, which opens the possibility of grinding. The attribute leveling is done automatically, while the skill selection is done by yourself.

The Amber Throne can be reffered to nostalgic genre honors as well as those who can ignore obsolete graphic solutions, inexplicably high hardware requirements, and some bag making good stories followed by a solid audio component.

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