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The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 combines the sensitivity of different fantasy environments into an overwhelming world full of humor. Blasphemously borrowing the most diverse creatures from all possible and impossible mythologies, folklore, sermons, stories and legends, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 combines the sensitivity of different environments, making it a viable world.

Above the lottery wild palates will be fired a flying pirate ship: The ank-morporolikom metropolis is perched on the siam trolls of twins, anthropomorphic faces and in love with zombies, mummy scumbags on the desert. All this gives the impression that every chapter, with its specific environment, plays for itself. The book of unexplained stories goes hand in hand with a solid length of about 20 hours of active fun.
talking with a woman
It is advisable to play the first part first, earning a complete picture of the relationship between the characters does not seem to start from scratch. Gnoma Wilbur Weathervane is in the university, where she works as a lecturer of magic knowledge. Wilbur is trying to keep her deaf and impresses them in sufficient succulentness to not bend.

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For this time, the Ivo villa has its own problems: she has become pregnant. The environment is skeptical, blaming eyesight, mommy shakes (dad sleeps under the tree), but Ivo knows that dark magic is at stake, and that the mysterious curse has made her …
mummy gives guidance
Nate, a pirate-adventurer with a high level of confidence and a lack of concrete skills and abilities, and his assistant, after initial peripatetics with the spirit of the lamp, fall into the capture of the Red Pig. The game does not rely solely on making any possible topic, but it is also in the domain of political satire.

Sibil Van Buren is a member of this or that council, the political rival of Alister archimum, unscrupulous. Conscious media power, holding the Mr. Fox local news agency and skillfully manipulating the news. Fox, taking the lead “integrity will not pay you a drink in the whale”, says: “This is the world I helped to build …

Behind every character stands the motive and the driving force, and each is original in its own way: humorous, tragic, or simply absent (but in a positive sense). From a technical point of view, the game maintains exactly the same level of anticipation: high. The characters are well-designed and the background is brilliant. The music is composed with the intent to sound Hollywood luxuriously and give the film a sense of how it thrives.

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