The Park PC Game Free Download

the park pc game free download

The Park is conceived as a work that will take place on a set of locations taken from the Secret World, specifically at the Atlantic Island Amusement Park. In addition to locations and traditions accompanying the devastated park, there are no touch points with the secret world. This is an adventure-walk-out of clearly defined priorities: force the “w” button, tell the story, scare the poker player still uninvited to the horror.

When the game is advertised as a psychological horror experience, we know in advance that there is a great chance that from the physical manifestation of nightmare creatures there will be nothing, and that the main hero of the battle will lead in his head. This is only partially true in the case of the Park.
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The main heroine will meet two overseas creatures during her quest, one of which is a maniac killer from the past dressed in a squirrel suit, which he managed to be creepy in spite of being … well, dressed in a squirrel suit.
The other entity carries a little more mystery with it, and it remains unclear whether it is a matter of blood and flesh, the embodiment of fears and guilt of the conscience of the main heroine (who have adopted a physical form), or something else. And yet, even they will not appear as antagonists with which we will confront, but they are just as mere witnesses of events.

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The sessions say that the moon-park was built in a place where Henderson’s farm was once located. Local residents said that the site was dying and that the farm was a scene of dark events with a tragic ending, which did not prevent an entrepreneur named Natalie Vinters from implementing his construction plan.
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Already during the works, inexplicable accidents began to occur, and soon the first suicides followed. Vinters, despite all of them pursuing in its own way, the park is open to the public, but inexplicable phenomena have not stopped. Workers in the park were wonderfully watching their fellow Chad in a squirrel squad who for days refused to get out of their bones, and they were already starting to mumble up stories that underneath bones is no longer their friend, but something is running out, maimed and evil.
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The park’s mythology is rich and diverse, and is part of a larger story that The Secret World has already had the opportunity to hear, but which is not crucial for the full enjoyment of The Park. Evening Lorein and her son Kalum park in front of the moon-park in an attempt to make a short break before the road continues. The boy will be delighted to run straight to the gate before Loreine arrives to react, so the panicked mother will have to start jumping immediately.

The moment when both of them are found in a haunted land, darkness falls suddenly, and we are left disappointed why a little larger part of the game did not take place under the dazed sunlight. This way, we will be able to admire the splendor of the Unreal 4 endurance only for the first ten minutes, before the game throws us into the darkness covered only by the air of the light from the roller-cruiser, and sometimes the lonely lamps.
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Interaction is limited to a more or less linear walk from one attraction to another, with the occasional invocation of Kalum with the right mouse button. Luckily, the game does not have too many cheap bangs, and its length is at the level of the feature film. The idea to make an adventure based on a piece rich in The Secret World’s mythology was great.

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