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the swindle download for pc, ps4 xbox
The Swindle is a steampunk cybercrime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up. London, Victorian era.
The Skotland Jard makes the Devil’s Basilisk machine to land on the tail of the thieves from which the city is bursting.

You, the master of the thieves, take over your mission to get to the yard, blot out all the locks and crush Basilisk before it becomes active. You will not, however, have all the time of this world, but not so easy access to the goal. There is a time limit of 100 days during which you have to commit a robbery, otherwise your device will be activated, 100 days you will slowly chase while collecting money and equipment to try the final mission.
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The Swindle is basically a 2D platform with rogue and RPG elements. You will spend a break between the theft in your cepelin, supervising the city, and planning the next step. At the same time, you spend stolen pounds on equipping people with new girders and unlocking new abilities. Selecting one of the zones sends you to the door of the house you need to rob. At first you will be very modestly equipped, you will have a whole sling and the possibility of jumping on the walls.

Download The Swindle for PC, Plazstation 3/4 and Xbox 360/One
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The houses you robbed are randomly generated each time, and they are buried with guards, but also with cafes, safes and computers that need to be searched. The first robbery, due to the small start of the starting moves, will be more at the level of punctuation, and over time you will go to the richer parts of the city, the villa, the casinos and, finally, the main prize in Scotland Jard.
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Patrol deflection is a major task during missions, because it is enough for you to receive only one guard and make a general defeat, call the police as a reinforcement, and, at later levels, lead to an express window and door lock. The game is designed so that you do not expect to be jerked, but to make a lot of mistakes from which you will be able to learn something.

Losing life is something we are accustomed to in rogue games, but that in Swindle is a huge punishment for a very important thing, resetting a multiplier. Any successful plunder increases this number and, in turn, the money that ultimately relates to your flying fortress, and it is in your interest not to get too far off. It is possible to extend the duration of the game by purchasing a particular apgrejd, but its price increases drastically for each subsequent purchase.
the swindle download for ps3/4
The level generation algorithm is such that it occasionally cuts you into deeds that are not possible at this point, but with some future apgression. Whether by mistake or some strange circumstance, we were able to climb up to some of the walls that we did not succeed in a regular jump at that moment, until it was possible to repeat it later.

Handmade graphics and steampunk environment are delighted with the look and feel, while little detail in the background does not bother the general look. The audio component is as impressive as graphics, if not more. Getting rain and bat on your rooftop steps, rogue robotic guards, and contagious electro numbering by Tobi Evans create a great atmosphere and complete a full experience.

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