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There Came an Echo is a squad based strategy in real time, player assumes command of a small squadron, using an advanced voice recognition system to issue orders. The player is in the role of a regular Corrin Webb, the uncommon curiosity of the genius and creator of the irresistible digital encoding system, who is spending his days in a mega-corporation of the future.

Corrin will come out of the roots to change when he touches the mysterious artificial intelligence of Val, with orders and instructions to leave his workplace better and avoid the appointment of agents, sent to him for an informational conversation. From that moment on, the main hero joins an unfortunate group of cyber-fighters for justice, playing with powerful conspirators and ninja players, whose backbone will make Corrin’s advanced defense algorithms.
struggle with turret
TCAE is conceived as a small variant of strategic management for a smaller group of operatives, which will microprocessor system clean the crisis zones from generic dangers through a strictly linear campaign in which combat moments are equally deployed with non-interactive segments in which the story unfolds.

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Your units are deployed by pre-set and defined points and nodes, which are opened according to map progress. A voice command system that would, in the author’s mind, need to completely replace the use of a mouse or keyboard during gameplay. In practice, this in the early phases of playing is still quite fun and interesting, but as time goes by, system constraints in conjunction with underdeveloped elements of “common” means management are beginning to turn on the nerves.
the beginning of the mission
Voice commands work pretty well in practice, but it’s a shame that a good part of the design of the game is intermittent and often disables optimal exploitation of the full potential. Playing with a mouse in a desire to keep playing in a more conventional sense, controlling characters or issuing commands is thus successfully integrated.

Characters can and must be deployed only at defined queues, there is no way you can choose the target you want to target, and all the commands you issue by voice are duly received with the right mouse button. We do not like the game as there is no way to play the game and you can look at the situation peacefully or to make the commands that you are going to say, causing a real fuss.

Graphics and animation have dropped out of quality, looking at today’s standards. Music accompaniment deserves a positive rating, but this can not be said for the voice actors involved. There Came an Echo is interestingly designed and can satisfy the average players.

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