Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer

titanfall 2 single player trailer
With a new single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, and backed by a deeper multiplayer experience fans have been asking for, Titanfall 2 delivers fast-paced action brimming with inventive twists.

Pilot and Titan unite to overcome overwhelming odds in the highly anticipated Titanfall 2. Experience Titanfall 2’s brand new Single Player campaign dropping on October 28th.

Titanfall 2 is the story of Jack Cooper and his unlikely partnership with Vanguard class TITAN. He’s a grunt in the conflict between the mega corporation and the Militia. But Jack has greater aspirations, he wants to be a Pilot. Pilots are the bad-ass Rockstars of warfare they’re quick, and powerful, and linked to gigantic robots called Titans that come in all shapes and sizes.

Everyone loves pilots.

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