Tom Clancys The Division has been named one of the best games

The Division is one of the best games in 2016
The Division has a very intense game-play, returns to the streets of villains, the atmosphere that gives the player the feeling of Adrenaline. Player is available a large arsenal of weapons and equipment.

Intelligence AL’s is extremely high, use advanced tactics when calculating such as attack from the side and back. Tom Clancy’s The Division has the most impressive graphics which requires a computer new generation.

The game play is extremely interesting. After his release smallpox virus in New York, the population of the population was reduced by 90%, and armed gangs terrorizing survivors residents.

The US government wakes up to its sleeper agents who are trained for this kind of apocalyptic scenarios. Agents code named “Division” are trained to suppress violence and anarchy, agents are responsible for the elimination of violent groups and the implementation of normalization in the city.

But the main objective of the members of Division, is finding a cure for the virus and stop further destruction of the city. Manhattan Island is based open world, giving the player complete freedom of movement and decision-making in the game.

The main story is interesting as an excellent film, the player must eliminates enemies to gain experience and better equipment, which will help to further progress through the game. The average player will finish the complete game for 20-30 hours of gameplay.

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