Tom Clancys The Division Review

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Tom Clancys The Division Review

The Division is a third-person, cover-based RPG shooter, housed in the non-linear environment of Menhetn, placed in federal quarantine after a terrorist attack on a genetically modified virus of the big goddess. After the army and the police tried to emanate and evacuate civilians, and in this spectacular collapse, it came to the Division’s operatives, a super-secret government organization in charge of repairing the consequences of the worst crises.

In the role of such a agent, you will have the task of assisting in the seduction of the order, primarily through the fight with gangs controlling the city streets. The open environment of the game is reminded of Assassin’s Creed, a map featuring main and optional missions, secure homes and locations of audio logs, crafting materials, and other collector content.
Walking the streets of Menhetn
You run away on the streets of winter, solve tasks and fight with gangs in a remake of Gears of War. The tactical character of the struggle is to take over the cover, calculate the ammunition consumption, and the right moment to activate the trench and special abilities, and the effort that the enemy encounters and destroys.

Story missions are relatively interesting, but they make up a small part of the game; the bullets you will shoot by solving template tasks related to inventory control, activation of a scanner, gang attack or search for people and things. By deploying your missions and kicking your opponents, you will have XP for leveling and resources to upgrade your base of operations, depending on your combat specials and other bonuses.
Player level progression
The Division has a rudimentary crafting system that serves as an alternative way to gain advanced weapons and equipment. The end of the campaign does not bring crucial answers to key issues, leaving the door open for a series of future DLCs. It also unlocks day-to-day quests that bring better loot and “Phoenix credits”, which would be fine when it did not recall the campaign missions with elite opponents rather than normal.

Here you will find:

The loan loan is so slow that you will need months to fully equip your Phoenix equipment. The Division has something called The Dark Zone, in the center of Menhetn, with a high wall separated from the rest of the game-world. There is no law in it, the degree of contamination is much greater than the rest of the map, with it the most dangerous opponents who drop the best loot, in which you can indulge in an open PvP with other players.
Map of the town of Menhetn
The Dark Zone is, above all, interesting because of the constant tense brought by other players, which, unlike the “normal” part of the game, exist here in the same instances as you do. Everything you collect in the Dark Zone will drop when you die, so besides the pleasure of killing a villain, you can overwhelm the fruits of your work. Loot from TDZ is contaminated and can be extracted from the zone in a single way – by helicopter extraction from precisely defined zones.

Any initiation of a player’s extraction informs a full server, which attracts those who want to hook their socket loot and those who plan to kill other players, snatch them loot and extrovert it for themselves. Tom Clancy’s The Divine-Fantastic World of Bungie Games is full of wonders, You’ll hardly wait for a little spare time and dive back into that cosmic wonder.

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