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Tormentum Dark Sorrow is one of the rare birds of this flock, a game that wins the first of its sketch with a frappantly detailed graphic processing that is not forgotten. The specific visual style of a bizarre Swiss genius that has remained cognizant of its morbid sculptural, sceno-graphic, and artwork has obviously had a strong influence on the art direction of this game.

The influence of the game was also left by the celebrated Polish painter and photographer Zdzisław Beksiński. The sick amount of detail and the worse dedication to them, the gothic rays all over the world, bizarre creatures, the ultimate thrift, technological and biological structures that overlap the machines, the flesh, the gears and the bones, cause almost tangible discomfort.

Tormentum Dark Sorrow looks like the cover of an obscure metal band, at least one animal has been sacrificed as a victim at the concert itself, and whose members were last seen as far as the depths of some european forests go to the ritual of unmistakable invitations.

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Primitive and obvious parallels with cult games such as both Dark Seeds and some of the newer Dark Souls, are evident, primarily because of some similar solutions to the architecture of buildings and game facilities. The player is in the role of an unnamed alien, freshman imprisoned, and sent to a dungeon in the darkness of a nearby dark fortress.
unraveling puzzles
Not knowing who he is, nor what, and what kind of stunts are being burdened, our hero quickly finds a way out of a new state of affairs, resolved to cover the rest of the fortress and escape, but not before revealing the dark truths about himself. The torment actually delivers an interesting story and a roughly processed message through the psychoanalysis of the person you are leading, the procedures and decisions you will make.

Every time you will encounter some phantasmagoric odyssey on the characters who will ask you for help with a situation or ask them to do something for them. The decisions you make led to a classic good choice / poor selection of procedures over longer distances can lead to the opposite effect. For a person you save from captivity, for example, you may find that he is actually a sick psycho!
tough city in flames
All these outcomes and decisions are virtually impossible to evaluate correctly from the first attempt. The game’s design just nominally recalls the standard point & click adventures. Even though the character you are watching neatly and appears on the screens, you do not actually run it in any way, but you’re all doing it by clicking on the obvious hot spots on the screen.

The level of challenge and weight of tasks that are placed in front of a player is too simple, you will often get to the solution with a simple initial click or short random partitioning of the elements. Tormentum Dark Sorrow is a work of teams of only three members, a very good achievement that will in some moments shed blood in the jugs, if you like horror, we recommend you.

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