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Total War: Attila is chronologically positioned between the late antiquity and the early middle ages and brings the next great piece of history of Europe, the middle east and north Africa to the Rome II. The beginning of the era of large migrations lurks the Roman empire divided into the east and west, and the tundra tribes with the severes in a slight walk to the south.

Scandinavian peoples due to climate change and increasingly sharp winters, pushing Franks and Saxons to the borders of the Western Roman Empire. In the east, we have the Vizigots, Ostrogots, Vandals and Alan who, no matter what the hell, is honey, the scummy’s devil that destroys and subjugates everything in front of him, doing intolerable pressure on the borders of the Eastern Roman Empire.
The wall of the fortress hits the catapult
This was an exciting, turbulent period of history that struck the foundations of the world that we know today and halt progress for thousands of years until the Renaissance. The game brings 56 fractions, of which ten are playing. As a matter of fact, the release of the game also affected the first DLC that was bought separately – the Viking forefathers – which brings three tribes of Nordic wildfires from the top of the map.

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The ten playable factions can be roughly divided into four varieties: established civilizations (eastern and western Roman empire and Sassanides), Hagar tribes (Francs and Saxons), Swarms-migrants (Vizigots, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Alani) and Huni, permanent settlements. The western and eastern empires begin with the largest territories, but squeeze from all sides, while the Sassanides begin as a sprung spring that is supposed to use the mating between Huni and Byzantium and the small part of Asia minor for themselves.
world map
The biggest advances to the previous Total War titles are swordsmanships and nomads who do not start with a permanent casualty, but as hordes. Huni and the rest begin as mobile tribes that are a military formation or settlement, depending on the role that you specify in a strategic map.

In a raid mode, they can move and accumulate enough resources to survive, but recuperation of the losses and recruiting of the army can only be carried out in the encampment mode, when they are temporarily unpacked in a given territory, thus gaining the ability to build and upgrade objects.
A fort in flames
Unfortunately, all apgrejd disappears when the tribe recovers, creating the need for a constant plunder that needs to fund a new upgrading tower at the next break. All migrants except the Huni can be permanently settled, but Atilla pulen from the beginning to the end remains a horde, because they can not occupy cities, but can only hammer or crown them with earth – raze options in which city or the village disappeared from the map is historically veritable and very useful in fighting with a strong opponent.

Of the other novelties, it is worth mentioning a complicated political system that combines the fractionation from Rome II with the individual woodwork that Shogun II possessed. The complexity that the game offers on the political agenda makes it intriguing, Al is much advanced in what you will be convinced of in the siege of the city.

Total War Attila is in every sense a good achievement and a real player to play.

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