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trine 3 the artifacts of power free for download
Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power is a nice and addictive game on the one hand, while on the other hand it represents the black sheep in this great series. The well-known adventurous troupe, made by the lazy knight Pontius, the thief and sword Zoya, and the Amadeus wizard, were deserved after a great deal of adventures in mild retirement, and then their generic kingdom was again in trouble.

The defense of the magic academy from the attack on a gigantic, mechanical grand entity, as it will emerge, just overturns the true plot of stories about the title artifacts. Gameplay comes with a changed campaign structure, which no longer comes in the form of linearly graded levels. On the stylized map of the kingdom there are main levels (eight) that must be played and opened in the order of the story.
trine 3 the artifacts of power pc game download
There are also a dozen smaller, challenge folders that are also unlocked by progress in the main campaign and featured reduced-level variations of the classic levels or micro-arenas in which you are opposed to the worms of the enemy. “Currency” to unlock the level of any type they belong to is made with triangular, yellow spots spotted on the field, and the search for them makes your main activity and the main activity throughout the game.

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The look of the game and the action is still dotted by the side, in the form of 2D platform games, but the heroes can now be freely and in depth, albeit at a lower level due to the narrow platforms and the general level of skill. This level of perspectives adds to a certain degree of customization, as it is not always easy to evaluate jumping to a desired location from a perspective that is so far away and untypical compared to the standard tracking behind the back in classical 3D action games.
trine 3 the artifacts of power pc free download
Some new toy moments that use that depth, namely the Amadeus manipulation of objects with which interaction are involved, are also inserted. The powers of your heroes in the case of Zoya and Pontius have not changed and concern knight attacks with the sword, shielding, charge of an attack that dissolves the enemy and moves objects on the field.

Lady, on the other hand, is rebuilt with arrows that, except for attack, can be used in conjunction with the rope to pull things off, and it is also possible to connect the elements on the screen that have a metal ball attached to it. Amadeus’s free creation of magic craps and boards was, for reasons of inexplicability, thrown out of the game.
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The game is addictive and entertaining to gaming, and very soon there is a shortage of any real challenges, both in terms of platforming, and in terms of puzzles and problems that can be solved by a three-man (co-op or solo variant). Problems are simple and at the moment it is clear how they need to be resolved, platform challenges are trivial and their weight is practically not increased during gameplay, and struggles with few and sporadic opponents are just down the line and are ending quickly.

Tokens are scattered and often creased all over, not too difficult to find, with a detailed view of the on-screen display and timely detection of elemental levels that can be dropped or clogged behind them. Ultradetal graphics are also understood and play in this respect is again blurred with unmatched shine.
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By the generous and generous levels, all those specific moments and encounters with the fairy-tale creatures with which the Trine Games were recognizable were largely omitted. The jungle frog, scorpio and snail, crosses the desert from the mentioned DLC, the interior of the jungle worm and the rest here is present in the form of a shorter encounter with a monster and the above-mentioned huge.

The music is expected to be pleasant and in keeping with the fairy-fantasy character of the game. There is also a windows editor for making your own Trine creations and challenges, provided you have enough free time and you know how to use it properly.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power looks and sounds gorgeous and in short runs can be a lot of fun. Perhaps the works of the player in the editor would be enough to breathe enough life into Trinity 3 to make the community overwhelmed by the release of several DLCs.

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