Warhammer 40K Regicide Free Download

warhammer 40,000 regicide free download

Warhammer 40K Regicide Free Download

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a combination of chess in the Warhammer 40K environment and tactical challenges on the chessboard with brutal scenes of taking opponents. Having a chess in the dark darkness of the 41st century is a great idea. The choice of race is, unfortunately, very slim and you will be able to play only as space Marine and Orcs. It is clear that these two fractions are the most popular.

This title can be played in two modes: regicide and classic. Classic is the standard chess with the addition to the “eating” of the opposing figures accompanied by shooting animation from bolter and plasma rifles. The chess rules also took the form of regicide, so the figures move 8×8 in their predefined modes of motion.
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The difference is reflected in the initiative, ie the initiative phase. After each played move you can command your own units ranging from shooting to opponents figures within their range of activating some special abilities. Normally, you have three points to perform these actions, but you can accumulate up to five if you decide not to spend points on action.

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With respect to movement, the shooting range is a square of 3 x 3 around the selected unit. Of course, chessing the opponent is an instant killing. At your disposal, you also have several global magic that you can use to defeat your opponents or disable your opponents.
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This game mode requires a totally different approach and a way of thinking from ordinary chess, as it usually falls to the opponent’s flank to make it rain drops of bullets. Moreover, it is very possible to kill the king with a scourge, only you will need a few buns.

The Regicide has available: campaigns, online and skirmish against another player or computer opponent. The campaign has fifty missions divided into three chapters and these are the chess tasks we have often seen in newspapers on the sides with the enigmatic, with the addition that you have several tasks and that eliminating all opponents does not always have to be the main task.
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The weight of the mission quickly escalates, due to the inconvenient settings of the figure on the table, but the greater part due to the randomness factor. Every time you shoot or say throw a grenade, there is a certain chance that you miss a complete attack, and that can happen to your opponent.

In addition, mariners and orcs are not the same in the battlefield as statistics, and orcs have more health and more intense attacks, and a greater chance of being missed, while marines are about equal to all statistics. Someone can be made that the orcs good choice for beginners because they have twice as many pedestrians healtha of marines, but we happened to win a lot easier when we played with Astartes.
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By playing, you will collect experiential points for your order and individual figures as well as the requisition points by which you unlock the chaptere, that is, skins, on both sides. Only the most famous chapper for the space marines are present and you will need a lot of playable games to collect all of them.

All action units have all the same animations, and responses and music, no matter how impressive, will start to go too fast because they are too small. Warhammer 40K Regicide offers a very interesting campaign and it is very fun to play this ultra-violent version of chess where you really kill the opponent king with chess-mat.

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