Waste Walkers Game Download for PC

Waste Walkers game download for pc
Waste Walkers gameplay is placed in a post-apocalyptic future, an undeniably interesting environment. The player temporarily leaves the family to obtain food and other necessities, but returns a week later, a week later. Then he goes in pursuit of a devastated town, squeezing the way through the streets that haunts the chaos of chaos and foolishness.

Waste Walkers combines the building elements of Do not Starve, Fallout and similar games. Parameters such as thirst and hunger are crucial, so much of the game is spent in search of foods. The important attributes that determine the character are classical stength, dexterity, endurance, and constitution.
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Advanced specialization is done through skills that are divided into passive and active, in common, they have practical application only in combat. Combat tactical side is markedly simplified, made in a tactile manner, and during this period, only options are the choice between a regular and special attack, the defense, and the use of inventory items.

Download Waste Walkers for PC
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Special buffs give drugs of all kinds and tastes, positioning and regeneration of energy is done at fixed points or by using sleeping bags. Nothing prevents you from jumping into the sack and supplementing health after each fight because the enemy can not attack you on sleep, which makes the player indestructible.
Waste Walkers pc download
The dense and pixelated map is almost impossible to break, there are no indicators for the current location or quest marker. Without recognizable landmarks, players condemn the endless wandering around the city. The inventory is quickly filled up with any objects that cause slower movement and requires the deposit of surplus items into a stash.

The leveling of the player goes very fast, and after half an hour you get too strong for most of your opponents, despite the fact that like the Elder Scrolls games, the enemies level alongside you. Unlike them, rare comrades who pick up an adventure along the way start at an extremely low level and they miss the gin.
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It is recommended to instantly deactivate the fog of war option after the first launch of the game because the effect is overburdened and reduces the visible radius around the character to a dozen pixels, making Waste Walkers unmoving. during the use of the treatment object there is a great opportunity to miss! As the developer proudly points out, Waste Walkers is based on the wishes and pleasures of the gaming community.

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