Watch Dogs 2 Review (Download PC)

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Watch Dogs 2 Review (Download PC)

Watch Dogs 2 connections to the previous “Watch Dogs” has almost no, except that infamous CTOs now rides in version 2.0 and that has migrated from Chicago to San Francisco. There we find the young hackers – Marcus Holloway, to performing bravura in well guarded server nest is trying to become a member of the local group of hackers named “DedS3c”.

The joint should stand against spyware operating system, which is like a monster settled “smart home”, kitchen appliances and daily life of people. The information we collect CTOs without the knowledge of people come together in a central database and then used for the benefit of a handful of powerful people from the shadows.

Marcus is easily fallen into the main CTOs server and it wiped out their biometric data across, upgrading skills is done after successfully performed the mission and it is actually a moment when you need to decide which way to go with Marcus. Will you become a ruthless killer or stealthy ninjas that come-see-do what should and then disappears as if it never existed or, in turn, manipulator technician which are gadgets and toying with ‘smart devices’ remote primary characteristic.

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Watch Dogs 2 is full of fancy gadgets and skillfully scripted missions.

upgrade your hacker tools
No matter which way you decide to move, the final outcome of the game will not affect! It all comes down to the distinctive pattern of events and actions to overcome without finesse and elegance. Get the mission, brazenly kidnapping means of transport you arrive at the location and there is charged with enemies or trying to outwit them using gadgets or eclipse as protection.

In PCs, tablets, servers and other electronic invasion remote and you have the choice to force the device that beeps and attract the attention of those present to turn it into a trap or simply detonate at a suitable moment. Remote unlock the door, and the most interesting of all is that it is allowed to manipulate the traffic and not just traffic lights, but the car that rides the roads.

Get the mission

Hacking in some situations must be done by hand, when you need to solve a series of puzzles and implement power / signal to the destination using different views, or drones who can to launch.

The weakest part of the game’s story – Five young people from the basement are the only hope of mankind and the last line of defense against evil oppressors in silk shirts. Any action taken brings new companions, groupies who the main characters of the story make you go further. Fans will accompany you to whatever you do.

scripted missions

Missions are not so boring and passes from primary to secondary skillfully are integrated into a whole. Model vehicles would not be ashamed nor employed by EA Sports. Traffic is like a village, on the streets rarely that there are some events, all quite strictly and intentionally scripted. When the thing compared, say, with GTA V gameplay, the difference you come as heaven and earth.

Watch Dogs 2 succeeding to pass, even if you ignore online component and the challenges that come from Internet players.

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