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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood returns to us in 1946 in Nazi Germany, just before the Wolfenstein The New Order. Vilijam is in power for General Deathsead and the trail leads him to the Wolfenstein Castle, which, of course, is first captured and thrown into the dungeon.

The start is a direct reference to the great Return to Castle Wolfenstein in which you were also forced to get out of jail at the beginning of the game. Old Blood does not offer any particular novelties because it is still an expansion. Arsenal is classic: pistols, automatic rifles, rifles and rifles with optional sniper rifles.
the old blood pc download
The only exotic, if you could call it that way, is a rocket gun and a heavy machine gun with robots or turret. The metal cave you are at the very beginning when you are finished in a prison, the cave is also used to open various passages, as well as climbing on certain walls.

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Every time you get to some level, you will need to eliminate the commanders silently. Suffice to firing an unsuccessful bullet or seeing the Swabs to see absolutely everyone at your level knowing about your presence and breaking off all your weapons.
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From time to time you will hang for the turret, and at one point to command something that could be called a Nazi sight of the mecha and that is one of the most entertaining deons. The fight against the bosses is very outdated and not overwhelmingly impressive, especially with the final who is tired of the amount of bullets you have to shoot to kill him.

Opponents are more or less intelligent enough to first throw a grenade on you or take shelter instead of going to you. The last two levels of weight can be properly fired even by hardcore players, and are a good change compared to the typical overtones of a modern shooter.

You will be able to complete the campaign for 7 to 10 hours, depending on how much weight you play, and whether you’re looking around for hidden objects. The Old Blood will not receive awards for a visual spectacle because it is based on the unchanged end of the previous game.

The older-style campaign lasts so long that it’s always interesting, do not miss Wolfenstein The Old Blood.

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