World of Tanks First Look Review

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World of Tanks First Look Review

World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer shooter in which the main and the only role play tanks, self-propelled artillery and tank hunters. Although it possesses elements of roll-playing, WoT is not a MMORPG.

Progress by levels, or “tier” vehicles receive exclusively in PvP deathmatch battles without witnesses or any “lore” atmosphere. World of Tanks is not no simulation, no matter what you sound logical to target audience. World of Tanks, after all, is not a game that is gentle to beginners! Action that the game offers is simple and effective, fifteen vehicles on one fifteen on the other hand, the map of the urban or rural type, a war of extermination or capture the opponent’s base.
choose and upgrade tanks
Each of the five classes has a specific role, light tanks serve as the vanguard which marks the position of opponents, medium and heavy tanks moving in and encircling a frontal attack, hunters tanks (tank destroyers) play the role of defensive snipers, Self-propelled artillery from a safe distance spill discovered opponents …

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So in theory, but in practice, especially on city maps, all grow into a wonderful, unplanned chaos. Strong potential for game strategy and team work will likely come to the fore when the full version is implemented system of clans and (we assume) voice communications. The fighting, particularly survival in them and destroying opponents, make money and experience, elements that allow you to unlock and purchase of higher vehicle classes and better equipment.
all tanks
Each class specialization means progression (with optional branching) from the useless, pre-WWII light tank to experimental mastodons by the end of the war prevented to be introduced in the arms. German Maus tank weighing 200 tons, the Soviet IS-7, Ferdinand and other similar Supermodels require weeks of dedicated play.

Average Tier 3 vehicle like hunters tank SU-76 or Marder II in conflict with the Tiger II, T-44, or God forbid, Ferdinand and Maus has not even a theoretical chance, regardless of the angle from which firing heavyweight beast. No tactic is not precision that do not work.
tanks in battle
While this is not a simulation than a smart shooter, complete idea of the game suggests the need for a better model of damage or if the implementation of bonuses issued by the first goal of the ambush.

If you hang in there a hundred parties, accumulate enough cash and experience points that you do something respectable markets and overcome the status of cannon fodder, and then the game starts to show its mega-fun face. World of Tanks is a free how to download and to play, has more than 150 combat vehicles, which is the impressive number.

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