Zelda-Like Oceanhorn Coming to Nintendo Console

Zelda coming to Nintendo console
After the great initial success publisher FDG Entertainment has announced that Zelda like OceanHorn sold a million units across all platforms. According to the publisher, the game will be released for PC, Mac and iOS devices.

FDG is even discovered that Oceanhorn be ported to Android and Nintendo console. After a good start and even better sales, it is no wonder that the publisher has chosen to transfer the game to other consoles and platforms for gaming.

Oceanhorn is phenomenal in every way, so it is no surprise that scored record sales in a short time. Developer provides a very good sale Oceanhorn for Nintendo consoles. In a word the game is all perfect from the graphics to the sound and the story that follows the main character.

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Oceanhorn will provide hours of quality entertainment, after we play a game, return to us lost feeling from childhood, like when you first get the toy you wanted. If you want to have fun and spend quality time at home with friends or relatives, be sure to purchase a game we guarantee that you will not regret it.

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