A Fistful of Gun Download

a fistful of gun free download

A Fistful of Gun Download

A Fistful of Gun is a 2D top-down western shooter in which your main goal is to kill the bandits, the Indians, the buffalo and all that goes. A Fistful of Gun gameplay has short levels, randomly selected from the pool: killing all enemies on the screen, hunting a blackjack with a blackbird, revolver billing and the like.

A Fistful of Gun successfully multiplies its interest by allowing players to choose between eleven characters, each with different weapons, different controls and other features. For example, Djuk’s machine gun is quickly firing bullets, but with it slowly moving and slowly changing the direction of fire, Pablo raises
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A dynamite like Bomberman, a sniper Zik can become invisible if he does not shoot for some time, and you can shoot six bullets quickly by operating a revolver. You can then fire six bullets in a row before firing the gun before you can fire the bullet again.

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In addition to a single player, A Fistful of Gun also supports local cooperative and competitive multiplayer, as well as a combination of local and online multiplayer for up to nine players. A multiplayer game with nine players would probably be real chaos of bullets and explosions, but we did not have the opportunity to try it, because during the entire testing game, there were at most two to three other players online, who mostly played only one player.
a fistful of gun game download
A Fistful of Gun is initially fun with explosive action and various characters available to you, but quickly becomes repetitive. It’s possible to try if you’re a big fan of a top-down shooter or the Wild West, or if you’re just looking for a short-lived party.

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