American Truck Simulator Review


American Truck Simulator Review

American Truck Simulator start their North American tour on the roads of California, Nevada and Arizona. Arizona was announced as a free expansion, while the future DLC content charge.

The first steps in the world of transport being slave to one of the established companies that will dispose of the vehicle to use. Since every trucker dreams of being your own boss, as soon gather a sufficient amount of money to banks raced, raise a loan, buy a truck and a garage that from that moment becomes your base of operations.
in the garage upgrade or buy a new truck
Once you expand the fleet and settle business, you will be able to hire other drivers for your company. From the length of the route and speed of delivery depends on the amount of earned money and experience points, and the latter are distributed in a number of the skills that reduce fuel consumption, create longer routes and business deals involving the transport of dangerous goods.

The amount of payments still affected by the sensitivity of the goods being transported, if you accept the risk, transport flammable material. In the lower right corner of the screen placed the display with GPS system, information on the amount of fuel in the tank, driver fatigue, incoming messages, available money and other useful things. A special section is reserved for the diagnosis, showing the damage to the vehicles and goods.
List your driver
If you happen accidents on the road, you can try to bring you here for a service station or a phone call for help on the road, which will more that costs you. Of course, damaged goods can not be repaired, but if the trailer employer in the yard unload debris and rubble, you will pay a penalty. Since ATS serious simulation, any disregard of traffic rules and signs are expensive to pay.

Here you will find:

In addition to police patrols and cameras to detect speeding, in the game are even points with road scales for the mandatory control load trucks. Precise parking trailers represents the darkest nightmare, an operation that the complexity resembles a replacement module to the space station. The camera with a view from above hardly helps and this activity can be skipped, although in this case remain without valuable experience points.
map North and South America
AI is mostly correct, but they find themselves and fools who first went to the restructured and then include flagman direction of the vehicle. Driving model is almost identical to the previous games in this study and there is no absolutely no complaints. Since it is essentially a repackaged Euro Truck Simulator with slightly different skins, hard-core fans of the series here will not find anything new.

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