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ANNO 2205 – the ground recovered a lot from global warming and subsequent flooding, and ever-hungry corporate eyes are again rooted in ruthless exploitation of resources that will bring dominance in the race for dominance over the global market.

The main goal of the new industrial evo-revolution is the faithful Earth follower Moon, rich in rare and valuable materials, raw materials and new energy sources, sufficient to satisfy the appetites of a single planet. The exploitation of the moon’s surface will only begin when the huge demands, preconditions and financial appetites that are lured by a successful lunar mission are fulfilled.
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This implies a successful synergy between the territories you control, including building on the surface of the Moon itself, when you reach the third stage of your economic campaign. A moderate climate region is your main construction site and territory where you will inhabit most corporate residents, and where you will store your industrial processing capacity.

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The other territory is the Arctic region that brings special resources and products, as well as the specific conditions and constraints on the life of your population in the form of low temperatures, which, if they do not recur, affect the financial output when paying taxes.
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Successful symbiosis between the territories under your control is an absolute imperative, and it is based on the well-known concept of earlier Anno games, concerning the satisfaction of the progressively growing demands that the population and industrial progress put before you. A whole set of simple factories that process raw materials into usable material, which is then processed elsewhere in the final product.

The player has improvements in the design of the game, which do not act as too facilitating elements. Improvements come in the form of clearer tracking of needs and needs of the population needed for advancement, constant monitoring of how much you are in plus / minus in terms of producing (or importing) certain foodstuffs, raw materials and items.
Building a base on the moon
This allows for the free movement of buildings to other locations, without any penalties, which facilitates the subsequent rearrangement of the settlement, once the initial ground becomes too tight for everything that is needed. An interesting improvement is the upgrade of your production capacities, in several categories: higher production, less power consumption, reduced logistics, less labor, etc.

What saves space and money, because the need to build new, expensive factories is diminished. An additional mitigating factor is the lack of radius of operations that in the earlier games are administrative and communal buildings. The function of the warehouse is also reduced, and now they only accumulate good in them, similarly applies to your faithful sailing boat, which is now exclusively used for performing secondary, generic NPC quest.
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The aggravating factor is, above all, the ruthless logic of all the production and cost aspects of the game, where inexperienced and sketch decisions in construction quickly lead to a financial breakdown, an increase in the minus and inevitable bankruptcy. The redistribution of goods between territories is done through the mediation of the World Council, which charges massively for services for the Moon’s operations.

Huge financial costs, which require a lot of resources, on the development of infrastructure on Earth. The fighting takes place on separate maps that do not interfere with the construction work, and they are above all to break the monotony and provide generous rewards in the form of specific raw materials.
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Anno 2205 brings a visual splendor to play prey, a result of the new more demanding engine, which brings a bunch of details and details on buildings and facilities. A new improved look requires stronger hardware, which is not negligible if you intend to play the game at the highest settings. The musical accompaniment is pleasant and discreet, while the voices of the characters are again somehow unpredictable.

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