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assassin’s creed syndicate free download
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gameplay takes place in London in 1968. Asasini, conscious of the danger that the powerful artifacts of old civilization represent in mankind, from the heels of the veins are trying to put them to safety, and protect themselves from the temptation to use them. Templars, as always, do not have similar moral dilemmas, so unscrupulous methods are trying to get them.

The magnificent and irresistible London, whose lavish visual style looks enchanting on the player. Whether it’s mudflushes and gloomy fluffs covered by the scanty light of street lamps on gas, whether it’s reflections on water bars on the cobblestones after the rain that just stood, virtual London preys on its look.
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Reverend capitalists find cheap labor among minors, and exploit, but rumors circulate that in the city there are people whose ideas will lead to a social and economic revolution, and when the population opposes, the crude exploiters will be over. Leading authority among reformers of the socio-economic sphere is Karl Marx, but he can not do it all alone.

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The London police is in power, the government forbids union gatherings, so little Assassin’s help will prove necessary. Karl Marx is not the only known person to hang out with. In the local pub we encounter the Charles Dickens, fascinated by local beliefs in urban legends, which will send us to investigate the case of a demon that is terrorizing the streets of London, and prove that it is a mere sect of crazies.
assassin’s creed syndicate ps4 download
Alexander Grejem Bel, who will provide the main heroes with several extremely useful devices, such as voltagens for the electrophication of the opponents, or a pistol for firing a hook with a cord for hanging on the facades. Charles Darwin will help London streets free the dangerous chemicals marketed by Templar on the market, aimed at easing manipulation of the poorest layers of the population.

His sister Ivey is more moderate, prone to shadowwork, and her priority is to tackle the secrets of London and find the ancient artifacts. We see the distinctive differences between brothers and sisters solely in dialogues, because once when they are found on the streets of London, the style of operation is absolutely identical to them: sneaking, jumping, pentnering, shooting and handling of blades is common to both.
assassin’s creed syndicate pc download
Experienced points get the same, no matter who has done the mission. Points are invested in the development of features and facilities, some of which relate to the organization of a gang of thugs whose members can be invoked on the street at any time, engage them as escorts, or send to provoke a diversion.

The elements of the gamble have not undergone significant changes. It is possible to reach the roof and the hook at the top of the building in a few seconds, which facilitates the already simplified verification of facades. The battle is enriched with new moves of almost comic aesthetics (among which is the picking of unfortunates along the door or the wall with a Victorian wristwatch), and the movements of the participants of the conflict are more nimble and faster.
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Sequences that take place in modern times, interrupt the story and effectively ruin the built atmosphere, are reduced to a minimum, which is a huge plus. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, with its play of London, well-built characters, impressive stability and the absence of any bugs, has managed to pull us under our skin, and from Assassin’s Creed II, the second most favorite AC title.

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