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Darkest Dungeon is certainly the most original game that has appeared in the last few years. originality is primarily reduced to the simulation of combat stress and its consequences for the psycho-physical and attack-defense abilities of family members. Darkest Dungeon is a story of ruin and raising, conceived as a game that exhorts us to navigate impossible situations and survive and survive despite a series of defeats.

Horror begins with the letter of your old cousin who invites you to a family estate, ruined by his occult ambitions. The old man says that as your only heir, you will save your family name and property from the abyss of his deadly ambition. Your cousin dug through the devastated ruins in search of the devil and found it, thus launching the Hton cluster forces and opening portals to another world, from which the hordes of creatures are now over.
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It is up to you to close these holes and return the damn lieutenants from where they came from, which will be helped by the legions of volunteers eager for action and evidence. Darkest Dungeon is a representative of the genre of merciless RPGs in which death is frequent and permanent and in which there is no shooting or loading of the situation as desired. It can be roughly divided into two main components: logistics and action. The first segment is played on the basis of operations on the farm, where you recruit volunteers, train, build up their equipment and remedy the consequences of a trip to a dangerous underworld.

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The second, action part begins with the choice of a dungeon and a four-member family. Leading four-member family as a homogeneous whole, you choose the direction of movement by clicking on the map of the dungeon when you get hubs through the dark corridors, a principle that resembles Tir Na Nog, Dun Darach and Marsport, the ancient hits from the ZX Spectrum. Each room and each millimeter of corridors are potentially hiding loots, traps or groups of opponents that you must kill in order to continue to advance.
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During the battle with the enemies, you alternately drag the moves, activating special strokes that depend on the hero’s class and his position in the group. In the game there are 14 classes of heroes, some of which are really bizarre. Knight, priestess priest, occultist, interlocutor, hunter of blackmail and others. Each class has its very specific combat ability and role in a group that works better or worse depending on the classes with which you have evolved.

A lot of abilities depend on the position of a particular member of the group: the crafty crazy person, can sing his own family song song only if he is in one of the last two places in the background, the crusader can sneak an opponent only if he stands in one of the first two positions. Although almost all classes are able to somehow lend themselves to themselves, success in the initial course of the campaign is not possible without a priest, the only dedicated healing class in the game, which has a single and AoE heal, which makes it an irreplaceable member of all early families.
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Ordinary and special enemy attacks, movement and darkness or low light, malicious comments from colleagues and various other factors slowly or rapidly raise your individual stress level. When the scale reaches 100, your pulse will have a small nervous breakdown that can have a positive or negative outcome: the hero can decide to continue to be a hero when he gets a positive attribute like stalwart or steadfast, and he can break with nerves and gets a penalty like irrational, fearful, paranoid…

Positive outcome, logically, gives some combat bonus and as such is relatively useful, but the negative trait is in any case much more negative than it is positive positive. A hero who scores more than 100 starts to act in accordance with the attribute he received during the shooting: the paranoid will begin to reject orders and in extreme cases will not allow him to cure him, the coward will run to the forefront and skip the fighting moves, the masochist will self-cultivating…
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Their outbursts will begin to accelerate to raise the stress of other team members and fat will quickly go to ruin because of the chain reaction of insanity, cowardice and insubordination. By reaching the twinning on the stress line, the character will have a heart attack and die for a few moves if you do not run out of the dungeon or you do not quickly lose it.

Even if you are so frustrated and frustrated as you solve a quest in the dungeon, you will remain heroes whose stress will not disappear from you, but you must remedy it with free activities like drinking, curling, prayer and other, depending on individual affinity. In addition to stress, heroes can also pick up a permanent mental anomaly or phobia, and they can also contract a contagious disease, which you can also resolve by treatment in an appropriate institution.
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Each treatment lasts for one week, so that a fighter who is being treated or resting has to skip this action turnus, which means that at any time you will have to have a backup team. Regardless of the small RNG element that exists in battles, the game, just like these two Japanese wonders, is very fair and very dependent on your approach: the calculated is rewarded, and the unmerciful punishment.

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