Dr Langeskov The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald A Whirlwind Heist

Stanley quickly tugged at the corner, and placed the hood down the bottom of his forehead: he did not want any of the acquaintances to see him approaching the notorious Night Club. The city enjoyed the reputation of the city’s best-selling party with the best fun in the city.

But at the same time it was accompanied by a halo of mysteries and mysteries, which did not agree with the quiet and withdrawn nature of the counterpart. Stanley sighed and pulled his pinched hands deeper into his pockets, Immediately before entering the club, he once again looked around and whispered at the entrance: “Can it be?” “You’re lucky, Mr. Stanley,” gorila, “tonight we are hosting go-go players, creme-de-la-creme of our offer, the master of our craft.

Just down the corridor and right in the hall. “Confused, Stanley pulled herself up to the market and, in a sweet anticipation, took a seat at the bar. There was no bartender. Stanley glanced over and looked over at the room: it was completely empty. Stenlia was embarrassed, and he thought that he was getting up and coming back, a man promising himself from the darkness.

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“Stanley, buddy,” he shouted, “listen to me, I have a joke for you …” “Sorry,” Stenly blurted, there was confusion. I’m here for go-go players, I will not joke, and … “” No, no, no, Stanley, what are you guys, this is a night for stand-up comedians. ” The man started to kick jokes. Stanley barely managed to get him into a word.

“Wait,” he said resolutely, “I paid the ticket and I will …” “You did not pay anything,” the man sharply cut across him, “this is all a frog. Everything gets you gratis, and you’re still buzzing, ungrateful.” In two quick steps, a man came to Stenly, caught him by the nose, and started pulling him to the exit. Tears went downstairs to Stanley down the cheeks, but the scum could not.

“But … Go-go players” “You’re nodding my team with my players,” the crafty man, “… but if you insist, here we are.” Stanley glanced at the outstretched arm. “Well, that’s the box,” he said confusedly. “They are in a box. Use your imagination. What, you did not read the Little Prince when you were little? Do not you look at the Sponge Bob?

“And the man clenched his nose more tightly. “Now, out,” he added in a flat voice. “Fifteen minutes,” he lamented Stanley over his bitter fate. “I am fifteen minutes here and you are already throwing me away.” “That sir, it does not depend on us. Such is the nature of the confusion that you are willing to attend at your own discretion. And now.

“All of what Stanley later remembered was flight through the air, a blow to the bag with garbage, a slight rise, putting his hand in his pockets, and a light, relaxed walk through the night to the house, with a quiet whistle.

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